Muddymoles mountain biking in the Surrey Hills and Mole Valley

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If you want to get in touch with us, please email us at

You can also find us on: Facebook, Twitter, Mastodon, Flickr, Vimeo

We’re always happy to hear from people interested in joining in the fun. You don’t need to be local to the Surrey Hills either; if you feel you have something to contribute, drop us a line.


Normally our rides are posted up in our Ride Forum with details of where and when we are meeting up.

Some of us are fit, some of us are not, some of us are gnarly, some are not. Our approach is that we are travelling in roughly the same direction at roughly the same time. You’ll find we’re a pretty relaxed bunch, but don’t ever ask us our opinions on anything to do with bikes!

We would like to point out that we are not a club (there are no fees) and meeting us for a ride is strictly on the basis that all riding is at your own risk. Mountain biking and cycling can be a dangerous sport, so please be aware of this at all times and be as self sufficient as possible.

This website lets us talk nonsense about bikes, bring people together and record our thoughts and activities – that’s it.


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Thanks and see you soon.