Muddymoles: Mountain biking (MTB) in the Surrey Hills and Mole ValleyMuddymoles: Mountain biking (MTB) in the Surrey Hills and Mole Valley

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Articles written during February 2007

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Well, I’ve finally achieved a milestone. In fact, 3500 milestones as I’ve just racked up that figure on my 2003 Rift Zone.

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Miles and miles

Matt’s obsessed with his stats. Me, I like to ride.

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4” good, over 5” better!!!

It’s all in the travel as far as I’m concerned. My beloved white Inbred is dead, long live the Inbred!

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Freaks and Weirdos

So it seems that cyclists are revolting… well this one revolted anyhow.

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The changing face of riding

After an extended break I made it out onto the trails at the weekend in the company of Dave, Jem and Neil.

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It’s all in the presentation

OK, so we’re way off-topic here but I thought I’d just mention a little exercise I did the other day to make a document I found on the web much more readable.

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A year’s mileage

So, just over a year ago I posted about my mileage at the start of the year with a view to seeing how many miles I was going to do through 2006.