Muddymoles: Mountain biking (MTB) in the Surrey Hills and Mole ValleyMuddymoles: Mountain biking (MTB) in the Surrey Hills and Mole Valley

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Well this MTB phase started more recently for me than most in the Muddymole clan. I had been suffering ankle and shin injuries from years of endurance running and finally decided to give cycling a try. Taking my Trek MTB to Cycleworks for a quick service I realised technology had moved on and that my old bike had passed the best before date.

I walked out a week later with a Specialized Rockhopper and headed off into the Surrey Hills. Most of the time I ran along the North Downs Way, normally struggling with some technical aspect or other more than once on each ride. Realising I was likely to replace ankle and shin injuries with broken bones I sought out help and found, by chance, the Muddymole group. It was with some trepidation that I embarked on my first ride, a night ride, and surprisingly I survived.

As they say the rest is history. I have bought 5 bikes in the last 3 years, not all for myself you understand, as I commute to work and encourage my family to push the pedals too. My pride and joy is the Orange 5 SE which keeps me out of trouble more than I deserve. It is a bike that flatters those with limited skill!