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Posted by Mark | December 12, 2006 | Comments Off on Gaiters

According to the Oxford English Dictionary gaiters are: –

A heavy cloth or leather covering for the leg extending from the instep to the ankle or knee.


A similar covering of lightweight, moisture-resistant fabric, used by skiers and hikers.

Why the interest, basically because I could really have done with a pair on Sunday.

A general lack of rainfall has forced a hosepipe ban that covers most of Southern England, but despite this turn of meteorological events we still managed to find some huge puddles and mud pools, most of which ended up either in my left shoe or splashed all up my legs.

Our outing to Holmbury led us along a selection of fantastic trails, ending up on the legendary “Parklife”. This was only the second time I had ridden this trail. The first time was something of a disaster. For whatever reason I was not in the right frame of mind on my first visit, and rode it really badly, and hated every second.

This time I was up for it, so gave it my all. It was while hooning along Parklife I encountered huge puddles that obviously belong in the land that drought forgot. Before I had time to think, “That looks deep and will go all over me” it already had.

All in all it was a fantastic ride and I really enjoyed every moment of it.


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