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2010 Kona Abra Cadabra and CoilAir

Posted by Matt | August 27, 2009 | 5 comments so far

2010 Kona Abra Cadabra
I don’t know about you but every time I hear the name Kona I hear the phrase ‘legendary geometry’ or something similar trotted out. But in reality, I don’t know many people who run Konas so something seems weird to me. That’s not to say I don’t know anyone with Konas and the ones I’ve seen look pretty nice. But they tend to be lower end hardtails rather than more expensive full-sus machines.

I’m not sure why that is really. Maybe Konas just don’t have the kind of ‘want one, want one, want one’ image that people spending big bucks on bikes tend to look for; perhaps it’s the Evans/Halfords effect?

I won’t be suckered into saying that’s all about to change but the latest Kona full-sus, the Abra Cadabra looks like quite a nice machine. Equipped with a version of Kona’s Magic Link suspension design, which keeps travel short and geometry tight for climbing but ‘magically’ finds an extra inch when you’re pointing downhill, this 5″+1″ travel ‘all mountain’ bike looks interesting.

It comes with a neat Scandium frame, a bolt-through Fox Float RL 150mm fork and a mix of XT and SLX running gear as well as a wide range of sizes to suit everyone. What is particularly unusual, as BikeMagic points out, is the very steep seat tube (74.8°) versus a slacker 69° tapered headtube.

2010 Kona Coilair

The 2010 CoilAir also makes use of a refined Magic Link set up (and a lighter frame) to offer 6″+1″ of travel, this time with a Fox 36 Float R up front in another tapered headtube. Far too much for our Surrey Hills but it certainly looks like fun…

See Konaworld for more details.

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  1. Andy C says:

    Good Kona alert, Matt. For those of us in the market for a new, full-sus, all rounder (God and insurance payout willing), the Abra Cadabra could be worth another look along with the ususal suspects (Orange, Lapierre, etc.). I might see what the first ride reports say about it, but if they come out before I get my cash then it will make the short-list.

    My reckoning is all that extra travel is handy for the odd day out in Wales, and if it’s sub 30 lbs then it should be good for the North (ups and)Downs. It should climb pretty well with that seat angle!

    I think it looks nice, too. The steep seat angle giving the impression of very ‘raked’ forks. As ever, I guess it all depends on the price.

  2. bruffy says:

    great bike i road one around lee quarry last week , climbs well ,light for the type of bike 28.5 pounds , downhill it makes you feel like a superstar it made my orange 5 feel like a hardtail.

  3. Howie says:

    I’ve been riding a Kona Dawg for the past year now and it’s true you don’t see many out on Uk trails which is a shame, they are good strong well balanced bikes.

    The dawg climbs ok but it’s not the best however point it down hill and it flies also it’s great on fast technical single track, throw in some drops and it laps it up.

    In short I’m not in the least dissappointed and I don’t feel like I’m following the crowd.

    When it’s time to change, the abra cadabra or coilair deluxe is right on my list, dare to be different.

    Kona do though need to change where they sell bikes in the Uk as selling them in Halfords must, no is damageing their image among serious bike buyers

  4. Howie says:

    I’ve just had The Abra Cadabra on test for several days and what a fantastic ride it is. The suspension set up is crucial but when it’s right it’s just brilliant. I rode it along the south downs doing single track off the main drag and it’s damn near perfect. It eats fast decents and climbs with ease, it just wants to go.

    Only gripe the saddle is as uncomfortable as they get and the bike I had didn’t have lock on’s. At this price theres alot of choice but this bike is really good.

  5. Steve says:

    I ride a 2005 Kona Coiler, had it from new.

    It’s every thing I need off road, it’s never lets me down, I can climb with it (fitness willing) and downhill it just eats up the ground in front of you.

    Like you say, not many seen over here on UK trails.

    So, I’m looking/dreaming of changing, so the Abra Cadabra looks just the ticket!

    Better start saving…

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