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2010 Pipedream Sirius R853

Posted by Matt | February 19, 2010 | 7 comments so far

2010 Pipedream Sirius R853
For a long time the world of niche hardtail frame makers has been dominated – at least in the UK – by On-one and Cotic. If you’re on a budget, On-one are your friend, if you want to indulge then Cotic can oblige.

But they are not the only frame makers out there. Unfortunately for the others, On-one and Cotic have been most adept at marketing a good product at the expense of those manufacturers who are less media savvy.

Perhaps that’s about to change in a small way? Pipedream, long-time purveyors of budget frames, have recently launched their 2010 Sirius frame which is made from the usual Cotic-style mix of Reynolds 853 and 4130 steel tubes. What’s notable here, in addition to the sensuous curvage of the seatstays and bridgeless chain stays is that the dropouts offer enough slidage fore and aft to allow for singlespeeding or gears depending on your predelictions.

But the most significant aspect of the 2010 Pipedream Sirius is that it retails for just £295 which it has to be said appears something of a bargain versus the Cotic Soul’s £470. Admittedly, the Soul was my fave from last year’s Cycle Show, offering both tried and tested performance and a simply gorgeous paintjob but it’s clear the Pipedream has the potential to rock the boat a little.

If nothing else it offers those ever-fickle consumers something different to buy and that’s no bad thing in itself. I love my On-one but it’s hardly unique even if the rider is ‘special’.

What’s key is for Pipedream to demonstrate the quality of their goods, via strong brand personality and quality product. Their website is certainly punching above it’s weight with a slick look and plenty of social media links – things have come a long way from the basic website of yore. But what they need is to push that brand consistently beyond relying on the odd mainstream publication product review.

I hope they succeed and that others – such as Pashley and Curtis – can step up to the plate too. The steel hardtail market is oddly niche in that large manufacturers don’t seem to build them, yet seems to provide steadfastly conventional product which us Brits lap up.

I don’t believe for a minute there’s anything particularly different about our riding compared to other parts of the world so either we’re wrong or others are missing the point.

Love the Kawasaki green too by the way!

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  1. Colin says:

    Nice find Matt, great looking frame. After your woes today, perhaps you have stumbled upon your next bike ??

  2. Matt says:

    The more I look at it the more I think it’s got a lot going for it, 80-130mm fork capabilities and some sweet looking tube tweaking.

    Plus those nifty looking dropouts. Meant to say there’s more pics etc. of the 2010 Pipedream on Bikemagic.

    Trouble is green and pink doesn’t go :o(

    The pics make me want to get that red Salsa seat clamp for my Orange though…

  3. Dave says:

    Hey Matt, you overlooked the Sanderson Life as another option. They’ve got some nice looking hardtails as well. The Life seems to be around £350.

  4. Andy C says:

    Drop-outs aren’t sexy enough for Matt, though he might fancy the Eccentric BB on their singlespeed model, ‘Soloist’. £295 at Merlin Cycles, and in white, too.

  5. Dave says:

    Yes, I spotted that after I posted. The Soloist isn’t 853 though. I dare say you can get the sticker son eBay though ;o)

  6. Piete says:

    Mine arrived on the first shipment and I have been riding it now for a couple of weekends. It’s my first steel frame, my previous (and first) frame was a budget alu frame that had none of the origional kit that it came with attached. The ride is loads more confident, and the lack of trail buzz and kick from the back is really refreshing. Despite adding about 3-400 grammes to the total weight of my bike, it’s still quicker because it holds its speed better in the rough and through corners, while being more comfortable makes it easier for me to keep pushing through the pedals. Overall, I’m very happy with it…

  7. damo says:

    Nice frame, I’m actaully looking at one of these for myself! Can’t go wrong for £295 – though I think they are now £350?

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