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2011 Cyclepassion calendar

Posted by Matt | December 4, 2010 | 6 comments so far

Julie Krasniak, 2011 Cyclepassion calendar
No you haven’t come to the wrong place; well, I don’t think so, I guess it depends on what floats your boat.

In any case, the Muddymoles has not suddenly descended to the gutter – not ever being too far above it in any case – but this was too good an opportunity to post cycling related pictures of gorgeous girls.

This year’s Cyclepassion calendar has been launched and as usual it’s full of girls fiddling with bits of bike. In my simple life, that’s not a bad combination. Throw in a bit of PVC and some strappy shoes and it has everything needed to be a runaway commercial success. And it’s ‘art’ isn’t it?

Mona Eiberweiser, 2011 Cyclepassion calendar

For anyone who’s unclear, the women featured in the calendar are actually some of the top female racers in their respective disciplines (!) They are, it must be said, a great advert for cycling as an exercise.

If anyone was wondering what to get me for Christmas, this isn’t a bad place to start. Check out the Cyclepassion website for more information.


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  1. Dandy says:

    Does Mrs Matt read this? Be careful, as I have experience of the trouble these calendars can get you in!

    There was considerable frostiness in Dandy Towers when I returned from a ski-ing trip with a signed copy of the Jackson Hole Ladies Ice Hockey team calendar; especially when Miss November had signed, “To Andy – You certainly made my week!”

  2. Markymark says:

    How about a ‘Moles 2011 Calendar’ shoot on the 19th then chaps (apres beers)? I’ll bring some hydraulic mineral oil and a park tool cleaning brush to get the party started…

  3. Kevs says:

    Dont forget the lube, wet or dry, but they aint gonna care after several bottles of Chateau Vino Collapso! 🙂

  4. Stevend says:

    June = Gemini, down boys ! Goes to July (my birthday) and I am reminded how one decides if the Joplin is the right size.

    Good to see that art takes advantage of all media types; there is a DVD available as well.

  5. paul901 says:

    I am shocked at the Moles dribbling and drooling over this eye candy, you know it leads to trouble at home or cardiac scares for the Port & Stilton brigade.

    Now, this is far more politically correct

  6. Adam_ski says:

    Couldn’t help it. The most expensive calendar I bought in my life. In fact all calendars I have ever bought put together don’t even come close to this amount.

    But well worth it… Already on the workshops wall.

    And the size of it… It’s HUGE:)

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