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Just in: Uberbike Components – brake pads, ceramic bottom bracket and more

Posted by Matt | September 25, 2012 | 11 comments so far

Uberbike Mushroom handlebar grips

A couple of weeks ago, Andy at Uberbike Components contacted me, asking if I’d like to try some of their gear. ‘Yes’ was the short answer, and here’s the result.

Uberbike Components are based in Rotherham and sell a wide range of cycling products, most notably small consumable stuff which we always need, but more recently expanding into supplying floating brake rotors, chainsets and bashrings. Andy sent me the kind of stuff that is their mainstay, and there was lot packed into the small package which promptly arrived the next day.

First off, lock-on handlebar grips. I had a lot of fun trawling through Uberbike’s website and I quite fancied some new handlebar grips. I’ve got the Uberbike Mushroom grips with red anodised lock-rings and will be trying them on my Five as a replacement for the very well worn ODI cross-trainer grips. Like the Cross Trainers they have a nice amount of subtle squidge to them which I reckon should work well.

Also in the goody bag was a set of Skinny Uberbike logo’d lock-on grips, this time with green anodised lock-rings. You can mix and match from a range of colours but given these are green (my current fave ano colour), I’ve passed them to Dave to go on his Spearfish.

Uberbike Skinny Logo handlebar grips

We also have four sets of disc brake pads for trial, these all being for Avid Elixirs but other brands are covered. Uberbike push these out at very low prices, ranging from just £5.49 with free UK delivery. The blue ones here are semi-metallic while the silver backed ones are the Ultralight alloy-backed versions. They really are noticeably lighter for the weight weeneies but use the same semi-metallic compound as the blue ones.

Uberbike replacement brake pads - semi-organic and ultralight

The other two pads sets you see here are the Sintered and the orange backed Kevlar versions. The Kevlar ones are claimed to mix longevity with organic brake pad feel, so I’ll probably put these on the front brake of one of my bikes.

Uberbike replacement brake pads - sintered and kevlar

Another item which turned up was this stealth looking bottom bracket, which on closer inspection is running with ceramic bearings. I’ve never tried a ceramic bearing on a BB before due to cost, but their benefits are supposed to be longer life and smoother running, not something you’d ever turn down really!

Uberbike ceramic bottom bracket

I’ve also scored a selection of titanium small parts. I have here an assortment of Avid Elixir clamp bolts, as well as green anodised rotor bolts which will be appearing on my black and gold 29er singlespeed. If things carry on like this I’m thinking it will be taking on a more a rasta themed colorway (sic) in the near future.

Uberbike Titanium bolts

Not forgetting a nice set of titanium headset spacers in 15mm, 10mm and 5mm increments. Bling.

Uberbike Titanium headset spacers

Finally, for the roadies out there I have a couple of sets of Ultralight carbon fibre backed road brake pads with triple compound rubber, suitable for Shimano brakes.

Uberbike carbon-backed road brake pads

I’m looking forward to trying these out and will report back on how each of these components perform over the coming weeks.

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  1. Andrew akak says:

    I look forward to the review of the headset spacer 😉

  2. Dave says:

    I might have to bring my allen keys with me and swap the grips over as the mushroom ones look and felt really comfy.

    I think the ***k rings, I mean headset spacers will look great on the right bike, especially with the ribbed effect. Lee, over to you.

  3. Dandy says:

    I tried those on my old Pace. I found I could loft the front wheel very easily but could never get it back down again 😉

    Curse you Dave, those green anodised lock ring grips would look great on my new project. If I told you it had wheels bigger than 26″ wou.d that persuade you to let me try them ?

  4. Markymark says:

    Nice looking bits of kit! If i had Shimano brakes i’d try and ponce those carbon-backed road pads of ya.

    I like the branding too. Will check out the site.

  5. LordOnOne says:

    Say, didn’t you guys want me to write some reviews a while ago? *cough*self-promotion*cough*

  6. paul901 says:

    Matt, I’ll put my hand up to try the road brakes having both Shimano (9 speed Dura Ace) and SRAM (10 speed Rival) set-ups I can try them on

  7. New Grips and pads just arrived in the mail. They look smashing and i’m looking forward to seeing how the pads fair. I love cheap bling!

  8. Kevin111 says:

    How are you getting on with the ceramic bottom bracket.


    • Matt says:

      Hi Kevin, thanks for asking. The answer is so far, so good. I didn’t fit the the BB for a while but when my BB gave up on the Five I put this in; it’s been great for the best part of a year so far as part of what is now a 1×10 set-up.

      I’d say well worth the money based on my experiences so far, it’s still nice and smooth.


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