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Niner Bikes Air 9 Carbon

Posted by Matt | December 15, 2009 | 8 comments so far

Niner Bikes Air 9 Carbon
Is it just me or does this make anyone else feel all moist as well? For some reason I just really fancy one!

According to Bikeradar, Niner Bikes have just announced prices of their new Air 9 Carbon race bike. Aside from embarrassing pant-wetting, the price will bring water to the eyes as you’ll need to stump up $1899 if you want to throw your leg over one of these. And you’ll still have to wait until late 2010 too.

What you get is a 29er hardtail with a tapered headtube, eccentric bottom bracket with over-sized cups and beautifully integrated brake caliper mounts and hose guides. There’s also internal cable routing if you choose to run gears and I love the look of that carbon fork too.

Finally I’ve found a 29er that I can lust after – I bet that’s one very fast machine for hammering out the miles. As a bonus, look at the gorgeous colour as well – Tang-tastic!

My experiences riding Dave’s Intense Spider 29er recently have convinced me that a 29er gives a different perspective on familiar trails, great balance in technical stuff and plenty of XC speed primarily. If you don’t expect them to handle like a sharp 26er on the singletrack you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Dave says:

    {Frankie Howard Mode}


    {/Frankie Howard Mode}

    {Pete and Dud Mode}

    Give’s me the horn

    {/Pete and Dud Mode}

    $1900 for a SS, are they having a larf? It’s hardly back to basics is it?

    When are they out? ;o)

  2. Lee says:

    I like nothing better than oversized cups.

  3. LordOnOne says:

    It would be lovely if I could afford the frame to go with the fork I’ve got coming tomorrow 🙂

  4. mike61 says:


    Buy that and all you need is a flat in the Kemp Town area of Brighton!


  5. Colin says:

    Lol. Without wishing to start a lengthy debate on the subject, I am a little concerned about your confession of getting moist.

    Now, call me old fashioned, but surely the fairer sex could reasonably be expected to become moist, when suitably aroused. However, if you (stereotypical male) have become moist by looking at a bicycle, then there are cures for such a trigger happy disposition.

    Back to the biking, at last someone has produced a 29er bike that doesn’t look like they forgot to make allowances for silly big wheels and just wedged them in anyway. Even I like it, though moist I am not !

  6. Matt says:

    To be honest Colin, I just love the word moist! But it is a great looking bike. Not sure about traction though, the back wheel looks as though it might struggle for grip in that shot, being about 6 inches off terra firma.

    Mike, thanks for the suggestion but there’s no pink on it anywhere. Now, my Inbred is another matter…

  7. Andy C says:

    You missed a trick there, Matt. You only needed to slip in a reference to your favourite French bike manufacturer and you would have had the perfect opportunity to get the words ‘moist’, ‘pink’ and ‘Lapierre’ in the same paragraph (or even sentence)

  8. tony says:

    Colin is correct. The correct adjective is obviously not “moist” but “(fully)rigid”.

    Cool looking bike. Probably better for propping up at the Cafe on a Sunday morning to ogle at, than to ride?

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