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Phil Wood OBB bottom bracket

Posted by Matt | December 18, 2009 | 4 comments so far

Phil Wood OBB bottom bracket
Occasionally a component comes along which offers ultimate bling points but also the possibility of a real improvement in your riding enjoyment. The Phil Wood Outboard Bottom Bracket (OBB) appears to be just such a component.

Now, I’m not one for bling stuff myself as many of you know and would never put a component on one of my bikes just because, say, it was pink. No, I’m a strictly functional kind of guy who values performance and value for money above all else. As you know.

Well, maybe not. But in this instance I reckon I could make a solid ownership case just based on the fact the new Phil Wood bottom bracket with outboard bearings comes in polished stainless steel and has his legendary name inscribed on the spacer where it will never been seen! But you’ll know it’s there.

All that aside though, at £85 this competes head on with Hope and Chris King offerings albeit without the wide colour choice they have. But what it might well lack in visual variation it makes up for with special waterproof grease and bearing seals that are used on underwater pumps. Various other steps, described in more detail on Bikemagic, ensure that the bearings in this unit promise to be unusually long lived. It’s hoped.

This is going on my shopping list next time I need a bottom bracket. I have a pink Superstar £20 job on my singlespeed (review soon) but run a Hope steel bearing bottom bracket on my Five and really feel it’s worth the extra expense. If you have found bottom brackets keep dying on you, maybe it’s time to consider a proper upgrade?

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  1. tony says:

    Wow that looks very nice. It’s up there with the carbon fibre 10speed Campag record bottom bracket (old square taper ones) on my best road bike, as the most flash yet unseen thing you can have on a bike.

    It will be interesting to see how long it lasts compared to the Hope or Chris King ones. I have a Hope on my Clockwork Orange but it’s newly installed so not sure how long it will last. At least it’s servicable – unlike the Shimano ones.

  2. Colin says:

    Now i know i gave you a ribbing for your aroused state over the Niner bikes post recently, however, I must admit, this bb looks superb.

    I’ve heard you can by the Phil Wood marine bearings for about £40 from Head for the Hills and they can fit them to your shimano or hope cups.

    Looks smart and apparently, the bearings are Chris King-like for endurance

  3. Andy C says:

    Looks like it’s ‘Battle of the BBs’ time. Let’s see if my new Hope Ceramic BB fitted to the Pace (set to grace the Surrey Hills on 03 Jan, previews in Pembs later this week) outlasts the stainless steel versions.

  4. mark says:

    I have a phil wood OBO on my litespeed. Its been on it for about 5000 miles now and still good as new. went thru 2 FSAs’ in about the same number of miles previously. Phil makes the best BB. Chris King makes the best headset. Why not have the best? Cheap investment in pleasureable riding.

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