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Specialized 2010 news

Posted by Matt | July 21, 2009 | 1 comment so far

Specialized Enduro 2010
A week or so back I covered Marin’s 2010 line-up and mentioned at the time that Specialized had released some details too. Well here’s some information; you’ve probably seen it elsewhere if you’re keen but it’s nice to have it here on the Muddymoles too.

Actually, not many of us run Specialized. OK< that’s not strictly true as they’re not uncommon but not a ‘core’ bike for us either. In our midst we have a Stumpjumper hardtail, a Pitch Pro and now an Epic or two so they’re hardly under represented. What’s coming next year then?

Well, to start off, there’s another new Enduro, making use of last year’s Epic suspension layout. But it has 160mm of travel front and rear, has a replaceable ISCG chain mount (very clever) and is a stiffer frame all round. So that’ll be nicely Hammerschmidt-able then.

Shock wise, the rear is a Fox unit but Specialized have continued with their own front suspension with a single crown effort that cover 135-160mm travel with a tapered steerer. It also weighs in at 4.1lbs and has a Maxle-Lite bolt-through dropout so sounds like a very competitve fork.

I’m not exactly struck by the monochrome black and white frame detailing this year but maybe it’ll grow on me. If you’re going to use the of-the-moment coloured-component smorgasbord then I guess a monochrome frame makes sense in the name of decency.

Specialized Stumpjumper 2010

The Stumpjumper also benefits from the work on the 2009 Epic’s suspension, ditching the split seatpost idea (I hope for good). Somehow, no matter how well it’s done I can’t help thinking a split seatpost equates to a Halfords special. That’s prejudice for you!

As with the Enduro, the fork is a Specialized Futureshock unit, this time at 115-140mm travel. From what I can make out, the bike is also available in 30 speed set up with a 10 speed block and XTR derailleur which is, ummm interesting. Not one for me though with our Surrey mud…

For the increasingly mainstream 29er fraternity (oh dear, I’ve spent too long looking at Dave’s bikes!) there’s a new Epic 29er and Stumpjumper 29er which goes to show how popular this wheelsize is getting even if suspension travel is reduced versus 26″ versions. If you’re covering ground rather than styling it at the bike park I reckon there’s a lot going for 29ers. But I’m still holding out for 650B (ha! ha!).

Plenty of background is available on the Bike magazine website and on Singletrack, with Bike in particular having some quite detailed pictures.

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  1. Paul says:

    Been following the web pretty closely on the new Stumpjumper as I have an 06 and have considered upgrading to a newer one.

    My bike in a medium is a pretty standard fit with a 590mm effective top tube length. I tried the 2009 model and felt I was pushed over the pedals and was keen to see what the 2010 would be like. Overlaying images of old and new on the PC (not very scientific I agree) looks like the geometry is back to the earlier years models, which would keep many of us happy as comments have been made about 2008-9 sizing.

    The odd bit for me is the travel going up to 140mm, I might just be reluctant to change, but I felt that 120mm on the rear was plenty for XC trial riding and not sure if the extra 20mm would detach me more from the trail than I want.

    After all Specialized have the longer travel pitch and Enduro for bigger hits and so the only 120mm option is the FSR XC, which has traditionally been a downgraded Stumpy, it will be interesting to see what happens to the FSR XC in 2011 to fill the gap from 100mm Epic to 140mm Stumpy.

    As for the prices and specs. It came as no surprise that prices were going up and I anticipated that the start price was going to be £1799 for the Comp. What is disappointing is that the specs have been reduced over the years with lower level cranks and other drivetrain components, the Talas is RL level at the higher models where you had a RLC a few years ago and other drivtrain highlights like XT cassettes.

    Another problem for me and I know this has no impact on ride, is the colour choice again, basically black, black, black or silver. There seems to be a dearth of colour choice again this year, which is a shame if you spend a fortune on a new bike and it looks like everyone else’s black bike.

    So all in all it would be an expensive upgrade with little improvement over the 06 and the shock in the same position again albeit away from the mud and not splitting the seat tube. The travel might be more than I need and I would wish for better kit right from the off. I guess I will have to keep my cash for another year and see what 2011 brings!

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