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Spot Brand belt drive bikes at the Rocky Mountain Bike Show

Posted by Matt | August 31, 2009 | 1 comment so far

Spot Brand 3 speed commuter with belt drive
Over in Denver, Colorado they hosted the Rocky Mountain Bike Show (RMBS) last week (22 and 23 August). Trawling through the bike press I found a couple of interesting belt drive Spot Brand bikes which I thought it worth mentioning.

Now, I’m still ready and willing to part with money for a belt drive bike. I’ve been through the reasons before, but basically I like the novelty and potential in belt drive to want to give it a try. Alas, UK manufacturers seem to have gone quiet on the subject but over in the US, Spot have been pushing forward.

What you see here is a couple of specials run by their employees to suggest it’s worth continuing to hope. First, the bike you see above is a belt drive commuter with a 3 speed hub and lovely droop handlebars as well as cable operated disc brakes. I quite like the idea of that and the 3 speed hub makes a lot of sense. I doubt this bike would need any maintenance for a loooong time!

Second, here we have what looks like a singlespeed belt drive fixie complete with bull horn bars in keeping with the US’s enduring love affair with the fixed wheel. Suggests that belt is plenty strong enough to stop a bike when it needs to without slipping.

Spot Brand singlespeed fixie with Gates belt drive

I like Spot bikes. A look at their website shows they offer custom build options with belt or chain drive, but their off-the-peg models are 29ers. What I love is their paint choices (check out the pistacchio paint on their Longboard belt drive singlespeed 29er – which incidentally, is at least a niche and a half!).

Also worth commenting on is their nifty chain tensioner that manages to look cool, work well and solve the ‘where do you break the frame’ question for belt drive bikes. If I was in the market for a new bike I think I’d seriously be looking at Spot – they’re quirky but beautifully made and put together. Maybe a custom build with belt drive and Brant’s Ragley geometry with 26inch wheels? Oooh, there’s a thought…

Pics, by the way, are from Bikerumor.

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