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War! What is it good for…

Posted by Matt | August 29, 2008 | Leave a comment

I’ll choose my words carefully since the world seems to be holding its breath over the US/Russia hissy fit in Georgia. Yes I know that’s glib, that people really are suffering and prospects of Russia turning off the energy tap have Europe at a disadvantage. But.

It seems military research has come up with a way to make any fabric hydrophobic, which in terms the poorly educated can understand means the fabric repels water as fast as it can. It waterproofs fabric at a fraction of the cost and effort of previous methods according to its manufacturers and, says a delighted BBC, that means dry socks.

Can it be the era of waterproof yet highly breathable sports fabrics is upon us? Oh, wait, people have been claiming that for years haven’t they?

At least it’s comforting to know that the world’s appetite for conflict has brought us to this point. Now all they need to do is come up with something that repels mud and doesn’t smell and we can all concentrate on the important issue of is it this season’s colour?

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