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Bike Envy

Posted by Colin | July 6, 2008 | 4 comments so far

OK, envy is probably the wrong word, more like admiration. On today’s excellent ride (more on that later) we were joined by Lee on his second ride out with us.

You know when you’re in a restaurant and someone’s order arrives and looks very tasty but it was actually your second choice. You know the feeling, you spend the next hour with Food Envy, cursing your indecision as you struggle through enjoying your own meal.

Well today I had a sort of bike envy, born out of the arrival of young Lee (30 and top bloke despite being far too young) on his nicely-specced Cotic Soul. Great looking bike and after a short go on it (I’ll nick it off him for longer on Wednesday night) I liked it even more.

I s’pose I felt like Liz Taylor, at the moment during a dinner party when she decided the attractive stranger she was talking to would soon become husband number x + 1 !

On today’s evidence then, I think I may have found my next addition to the garage. Another hardtail, another steel frame (though in superior 853 Reynolds to Albert) but this one will actually be the Soul’s brother, the Cotic Simple – the single speed version of the same frame as I want to dabble in the dark side this winter.

Seems like a perfect bike for the job – strong yet supple and capable of being built up nice and light. Interestingly Lee previously had a full suss Spesh but decided to go back to a boneshaker.

Today’s ride

Whilst only 17 sprightly miles, it was an excellent ride with six of us heading from Bocketts up to t’other side of Ranmore and back up Box Hill to descend what is for my money one of the best single track routes in the locality and certainly the most fun to be had when getting from top to bottom of Box Hill.

I’m talking about a trail known as Egg and Chips or China Pig. I lose track of the various stoopid names it may have, but you basically vere off down hill just before the mobile home park. It goes on for ever and is fast but technical with lots of roots and off camber bits, spitting you out on a footpath near the carpark at the bottom of Happy Valley.

So often its the last stages of a ride that leave the lasting impression and determines how wide the silly grin. Top marks to Jez for suggesting it when, as usual, we were all being incredibly indecisive as to where to head next.

Grid ref can be supplied if you’re interested.

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  1. Lee says:

    Thanks Colin, great day out with you guys yesterday. I must have gone past China Pig a thousand times, what a blast. I’d even go as far to say it beats BKB over on Holmbury, I know, controversial!

    The Soul really is a great bike. For me it’s the perfect do-it-all, all day trail bike, but then personal opinion is one of the reasons why there are thousands of brands to choose from.

  2. Matt says:

    Better to have bike envy than bike love I’d say.

    To me your Prince Albert and Lee’s Cotic looked like two approaches to the same problem. Although nominally more expensive, with the spec taken into account I reckon they were closely matched.

    Following behind the two of you it was noticeable how much the chain and seat stays are manipulated on the PA whereas the Cotic had much simpler, straighter tubes, even though they taper toward the dropouts.

    The Simple could be a good bet though. Strange to say after today’s ride on the Orange I was quite missing my Inbred too!

  3. Dave says:

    The Soul is a sweet bike, and so is the PA but I’m also happy hammering the singletrack on my 456 so I’ll reserve my envy for a TI version that! Stunning find in China Pig though, just a shame I can’t keep up with Colin after the downhill stops!

  4. Mic says:

    Site is looking excellent. Come a long way since its first baby steps.

    Think that now I am a biker I should drop back more often!


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