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Femoles tumble too

Posted by Cathie (aka Lost Lass) | June 11, 2010 | Leave a comment

With style, grace and dignity of course, imagine Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn taking just a little tumble, brushing themselves down, rearranging their hair, laughing it off and just getting on with the ride, none of that ribs’n’thigh matter for us pain hardened girls we just laugh it off and ride on…

More about the snooze in the hedges later…

A bit dull today, kept looking outside, dull, 5pm texts from others “very wet are we still riding?” Well for those who know me a drip of rain would have had me heading for the text saying “sorry not tonight” However I am a changed woman and even the rain doesn’t keep me away from my bike and the hills these days and so the 3 of us headed out.

Jill, A (newfemole) and myself up Alsation and right onto Stane street, I haven’t done this route for about a year but it was a route I did about 18 months ago that Jill and I agreed would be a suitable introduction for a new rider. lots of different terrain. lots of nice up and downhill with room to practice technique and speed.

There is a sharp left after a down hill that has a very short steep uphill which I confess I have never conquered but tonight I was in the zone and I was just right near the top when Jill neck and neck with me and quite rightly surprised by the positioning of us was so shocked I was in front of her she tried to distract me by falling sideways off her bike into the undergrowth.

I was torn, I have known Jill a good few years and consider us good friends but stop and help her or reach my summit it was a tough call, I looked down, she looked safely cushioned by the foliage and a few seconds wasn’t gonna make much difference so once at the top I stopped and we managed to retrieve Jill from the bushes along with her bike.

I swear I didn’t push her, she confessed that she threw herself sideways into the undergrowth, maybe this throwing oneself off a bike is becoming a bit contagious?

I know she was only relieved that it didn’t happen in front of the group of male mountain bikers we met about 15 mins later who were surprisingly chivalrous once they realised there were “females” cycling in the opposite direction.

I was impressed with the way Jill handled the tumble, although not hurt we can be a bit shaken but it also shows we can fall off and it doesn’t have to result in anything other than a few laughs.

We continued down the chalky descent which wasn’t as wet and slippy as I had anticipated, then back along the A24 and home. We could have done more but it was a dull evening and us ladies wanted to keep within daylight hours, we still did 16 miles and did some challenging things, quite an achievement I felt for a week day night. After washing my bike down it was 9pm before I got indoors so a good 3 hours and alot of fun.

A really great ride! New riders are coming along great, beating me up Alsation so I need to do something about that 😉

I think we have a brilliant summer ahead of us.

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Cathie (aka Lost Lass)

About the author

Cathie was introduced to mountain biking by Dave about 9 years ago but only really been riding regularly since May 2008 when she invested in a new hard tail (a white On-One classic Inbred), a wise investment as a result of being able to trial different bikes at Cycle Works demo day at Holmbury-St-Mary. She also rides a full suspension Giant Cypher which was this year's treat and saw many miles during the summer of 2010.

Cathie has attended skills days with Dirt Divas at Swinley Forest, she would like to improve her skills on bomb holes and her favourite trails are the ride over to Newlands corner loving "Whitedown" and a favourite trail through Denbies.

Cathie loves meeting other female riders of all fitness levels and experience and is hoping for less punctures in 2011 now that both bikes are wearing tubeless tyres!

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