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First evening ride of 2010 for the Femoles

Posted by Cathie (aka Lost Lass) | May 28, 2010 | 11 comments so far

What I love about the summer is the ability to ride after work in the daylight. Not a great lover of night rides in the dark even with the best of lights, I love the naughtiness of being out in the evening as the day is cooling down and there’s a lovely breeze in the air.

I have recently been enjoying rides much more than I have done, don’t get me wrong I love my bike and I love mountain biking with the femoles but as a more cautious rider than some I have at times found myself lacking in fitness, strength and courage. I found it easier to plod along at the back because I couldn’t keep up with the pack. I didn’t mind as I have other interests such as running and swimming and just accepted that I went along for the pleasure of the ride and that I was able to enjoy a hobby and sport with the femoles and Dave when we went out together.

Practise and skills events have helped alot but in the past month something quite amazing has happened to my fitness levels, improved my strength, my speed and my confidence and ignited a competitive streak in me that as far as cycling goes has lain quite dormant.

Dave sent me an email a few weeks ago about the 100 push ups programme, it is the only thing I have been doing differently and the change in my cycling has been amazing and really demonstrates how the body’s core strength is used especially in mountain biking up hill, over rugged terrain and down hill out of the saddle and no longer only relying on my legs for power.

With my new confidence I have felt like pushing myself harder, no longer happy at the back of the pack I want to stay up with those in front for as long as possible, I can’t always maintain the speed out with Jill and Dave last Saturday I managed to stay with them for some time but needed to drop back, happy that I had achieved something new and that next time I’ll last longer.

Finding both up hill and down hill less of a struggle I really feel in control of the bike and have noticed the fear in my head has found somewhere else to stay while I am out having fun.

Progress with the 100 push up programme has led to adding the 200 sit up programme and seeing the benefits in the riding as well as muscle tone I don’t find excuses to skip the sessions… Well unless it’s curry night!

So tonight we were lucky we had the rain settle the dust and a blue sky and cool breeze to escort us, which was appreciated by the time we reached the top of Box Hill.

We were out for just over 2 hours, long enough to have a really good ride but back in time to not feel too drained for the final day at work before a lovely Bank holiday, with also the Friday in between ready for the Saturday morning ride.

I am really looking forward to fitting in an evening ride one night a week over the summer and I have a new reason to do 2 rides a week now.

Dave has treated me to a new bike…

Now that’s a thread for Saturday.

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Cathie (aka Lost Lass)

About the author

Cathie was introduced to mountain biking by Dave about 9 years ago but only really been riding regularly since May 2008 when she invested in a new hard tail (a white On-One classic Inbred), a wise investment as a result of being able to trial different bikes at Cycle Works demo day at Holmbury-St-Mary. She also rides a full suspension Giant Cypher which was this year's treat and saw many miles during the summer of 2010.

Cathie has attended skills days with Dirt Divas at Swinley Forest, she would like to improve her skills on bomb holes and her favourite trails are the ride over to Newlands corner loving "Whitedown" and a favourite trail through Denbies.

Cathie loves meeting other female riders of all fitness levels and experience and is hoping for less punctures in 2011 now that both bikes are wearing tubeless tyres!

There are 11 comments on ‘First evening ride of 2010 for the Femoles’

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  1. Matt says:

    Glad to see you’re in the groove Cathie, it’s definitely true that the 100 push up programme seems to get results. A combination of general core strength improvement and the discipline of actually doing it I think.

    Summer evening rides are the best!

  2. Andy661 says:

    My better half has finally succmubed to my enthusiasm and is now wanting a mountain bike.

    Possibly not unconnected with my purchase of my Whyte!

    Have you cone across any decent LBS’s that know what they’re on about for women’s MTB’s?

    Sort of tempted to work out sizing and then just hit the interweb for an indecently cheap deal…

    Any advice?

    Cos you know after 6 months she’ll want an upgrade (in bike, not me hopefully!!)

  3. Dave says:

    Beyond Mountain Bikes in Smith Brook Kilns, Cranleigh is a good place to start. Jointly run by a very capable woman rider (i.e. she’d kick the crap out of most of us).

  4. DanielleW says:

    Hi Cathie, I’m interested in joining you, my other half Mark goes out with the “male” moles regularly so I’d be interested in the Saturday morning ride. I’ve not been out on the bike that much this year, I can’t fix a puncture and I have no idea about bike tech but I am ok fit as I run and swim (fairly) regularly. Where do you meet and what time?

  5. Debbie says:

    Hi Danielle

    We’re out on Sat 29th at 10:30 from The Bell, Fetcham, if you fancy joining us!

    At the moment there’s 3 of us out in the morning.

    Don’t worry about breakdowns mid ride – that’s what a mobile phone is for to call out the cavalry, to rescue / advise what to do if anything isn’t quite right. We’ve lots of tales of mechanical problems never resolved when out together – we always get home in one piece. It would be great to get more girlies out.

    PS Cathie – v jealous of your mid week ride; will have to organise myself more to join you both.


  6. Jem says:

    Realy pleased that your enjoying the biking Cathie.

    Once the fear factor passes to another level the fun increases.

    Keep on cycling, keep on smiling, keep on Woooping!!

    I know I am, just back from my Spanish Mtb hols.

    See you soon.

  7. Jem says:

    Sorry about the spelling mistake’s in my comment.

    Still buzzing!!!

  8. DanielleW says:

    Thanks for the reply Debbie, I didn’t get a chance to check the site until later today when I got back from my ride and subsequently bumped into some other moles WAGS over Ranmore! Keep me posted and hopefully I can meet up soon!

  9. James says:

    Whats wrong with the girls joining with the boys?

  10. Cathie says:

    Hi James

    I was just saying to Dave this afternoon we should arrange a ride for the summer with the moles and the femoles, he replied “I think Jill will give them a run for their money”

    I think it would be a nice ride if it suits people bearing in mind some ride on different days to take consideration of children.

    Jem – You sound “HIGH” Glad you had a good time, hope I can get to the next level I sooo want to “do Wales”

  11. Andrew says:

    Beyond Mountain Bikes is located close to an expensive jewellers, you would be better with Nirvana Cycles in Westcott.

    The Lapierres look good.

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