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Leith Hill

Posted by DaveC | May 14, 2006 | 1 comment so far

A story about how much I hate Wolverns Lane, cycling with teenagers who have too much energy, helmet camera trials, meeting friends not seen for a long time and massive energy crashes! A tale of everyday riding you might say!

Sunday arrived and it was off to Leith Hill in the back of the van but we were meeting with a mate of Jem’s who is a bit of a whippet when it comes to cycling. So, it turns out, is his son and his son’s friend.

I hate Wolvern’s Lane as I find it a boring tedious slog and I’m never at my best at the start of a ride. Anyway we slogged it up there and waited while the others did Regurgitator. Then we headed over to the Tower and that’s where I decided to try out the helmet cam I bought a while back. Initial results looked good but the suplied 9v battery last 10 minutes at best. I noticed while browsing that some websites sell these things with a 12v pack as that is what is really required. Still it gave me an opportunity to shake it all down and also decide that I probably need a wider angle lense. I’ll probably post a bit of the video in due course.

From the Tower we headed down past High Ashes Farm and had a right old blast heading down and then climbing up onto Holmbury Hill, heading to Barry Knows Best. The trail was in excellent condition and I hammered down it pretty much on my limit. A tea break was in order and we stopped at the Peaslake Village shop. It was there I saw the Mighty Dango and Sooty and Jim who I haven’t seen for a couple of years! Good to see both of them and have a chat, also to learn that another guy I used to work with is now in Canada, living in Nelson.

We headed up back to the tower but Mark was suffering at this point having missed few weeks. By the time we passed the reservoir it was clear we needed to head straight back so I told the others to see us there and Mark and I headed back on the road to the Wotton Hatch Pub. By this time it was getting late and Mark’s Mrs was going to give him a right old ear bashing.

Overall a good ride, some excellent trails, good friends but I need new legs!! (and a few more bits for the camera!)

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  1. Matt says:

    Dave, thought you might be interested in this article on Bikemagic about a a company making low power helmet cams?

    Twenty20 helmet cams now available in UK

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