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Mole down on the ice :(

Posted by Tony | January 12, 2014 | 6 comments so far


It was a crisp, clear and frosty morning as six moles, Elliot, Kev (no excuses this morning!), James, Andrew (last ride before he moves to down to Salisbury plain way), Lloyd and myself met at Bockett’s car park. Given the recent rains it was decided to head off to Leigh Hill to miss the worst of the mud.

After a quick chat (today it was not a day for hanging around) we headed off a surprisingly mud free (given the recent rains) Admirals trackway and up to Polesden Lacy. Then it was our usual route across to Yew Trees and up to Ranmore. At this point instead of the usual White Down or Landrover we headed straight down Scouting for boys (it starts at the scout camp – in case any of you have any other ideas!). It was skittish, with little traction and branches littering it the whole way down. It certainly got the heart rate jumping!


Next it was across the railway line and round up to Hole lane. At this point the ride changed dramatically as someone shouted “ice” and immediately Lloyd went down, hard. The entire road was completely covered in thick black ice where there had been water running across the road. There was zero traction.

Lloyd was clearly in a bad way, with a great deal of pain so an ambulance was called. More updates on Lloyds condition will follow.

Much subdued we went up walked Lloyds bike up to Westcott and Debbie (Mrs Roadmole) came and picked up Lloyds bike.


There was some group discussion as what to do next but we felt that we should continue (even if it was just to warm up) so we went up to the Westcott church then down to Wolverns. The ride up past the Rookery was fairly clear of mud but still not easy. Along the Wolverns fence line was much more free following than previously since someone has pruned back the holly. Much less risk of catching a bar end now.

We made rapid progress up through Summer lightening 1 and 2, to the bomb holes and up to Deliverance, where we all looked down and decided not to! Then it was down Waggledance (with an “interesting” route choice from James). Summer Lightening 1 and 2 was a blast as usual and in fine condition. Although the bottom half is getting very washed out which does make it a touch more gnarly.

Andrew and James

The ride across to Wolverns was pretty muddy, although I’ve seen it worse. Dodging a few walkers it was back down to the Rookery and across to Balchins Lane. Nobody felt like revisting Hole Lane so we headed past the  farm and under the railway line to the bottom of scouting for boys. Kevin then suggested the “goat track” which contours up to Ranmore, which gives a fine view to take your mind off the climb.

Once back up to Ranmore, Dearly Beloved was the obvious choice back down. It wasn’t too muddy and it was a blast – for once I wasn’t held up by Kevin. At the bottom we decided that riding up Chapel Lane to our usual night-time cut through was the best option for tired legs. Now it was a slog back up to Bookham as the gloopy mud gripped the tyres, particularly in the deep mud of the bridleway that skirts Wiggly Wood..

Five very MuddyMoles ended up, slightly subdued at the Bockett’s car park. +20 hard miles covered.

Get well soon Lloyd.

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  1. Tony says:

    Hi. Sorry in a fit of IT incompetence I seemed to have switched off the comments section (or “content” as Matt text message autofilled it as). Which I thought was a touch harsh from Matt until I figured out what he meant 🙂

  2. Matt says:

    Very sorry to hear Lloyd has hurt himself quite badly and how ironic it was on tarmac and not on the trails. Fingers crossed for his recovery.

    I nearly ventured out yesterday but just felt too tired, I ended up doing a walk round Polesdon with the family, unaware of the drama elsewhere.

    Good choice to try Scouting for Boys, I haven’t tried that for a long time. Can’t believe you didn’t ride up it on the way back…

  3. Andrew AKAK says:

    Very sad to see a rider down and thanks to Tony for orchestrating the rescue. I hope that you can recover for spring Lloyd.

    Not much can be said about the rest of the ride, generally it was all quite rideable if you could avoid the clay and the stodgy mayhem type mud which we did until near the end. First time up the goat track climb for me, lovely route there must be some way round those gates!

  4. KevS says:

    What started out as a really nice frosty but sunny ride was soon put into perspective by Lloyds unlucky incident. Terrible luck and wish him a full and speedy recovery.

    Luckily the ambulance was there quite quickly and that sure helped the situation as it was below freezing at the bottom of the Hole Hill climb.

    Eventually continuing on up to Leith for a quick slither around waggle dance and summer lightning was ok-ish given the conditions but I dont think our hearts were really in it.
    Returning to Bocketts on the bridleway at the side of wiggly wood (currently, cyclists will be shot if straying into wiggly wood) slapped us in the face with deep thick claggy mud of the worst kind forcing some to take the ploughed field option which turned out to be quite firm!

    Nonetheless bikes and riders gained several pounds in weight due to the muck ensuring that extensive use of the hose and washing machine was required before being allowed anywhere near the interior of our Mole Holes! 🙁

  5. Tony says:

    The only smile I had all Sunday morning was when James decided to give a hand getting the trolley, with Lloyd on it, up the very icy Hole Hill. He decided that the best course of action was to assist, from below on the verge, the people pushing the trolley with a firm shove on the backside as they were slipping. Not a problem as obe was KevS. However he only just realised, about 1mm away, that pushing the attractive ambulance lady on the posterior might be construed inappropriately. The look on his face was priceless as he realised what he’d nearly done.

  6. Jonesy says:

    Terrible news for Lloyd. I’ve had a text chat with him, and it sounds painful. Very, very unfortunate 🙁

    All sending him healing vibes!

    I very nearly crashed my car on a huge patch of black ice at Wooten hatch on the way to Peaslake yesterday – it was lethal on that corner.
    I then came off my bike on ice at Peaslake stores.
    Roads are clearly dangerous. Best we stick to mud.

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