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Quite chilly really!

Posted by DaveC | December 30, 2005 | Leave a comment

With both Sundays over the Christmas period being covered with notable days we had to organise a midweek ride to ensure some fat was burnt off. We had a new boy join us…

OK…Matt actually turned up for a change and Mole in waiting, Jeremy, was also out. Susan, I mean Mark, sent me a text at 8:28 saying he wouldn’t make it…shame my phone was at home. Jeremy has been trying out bikes recently to find one to replace his basic Hardrock. Today was the turn of my SO’s Marin Shoreline Trail to introduce him to a small framed, full susser.

There was a little snow left on the ground and roads were treated with caution as we headed out towards Ranmore and on to Abba Zabba. Abba Zabba was deemed to be too slippery but I hammered down the chicken run, a route I really prefer while I watch Matt and Jem walk down, Jem taking the tree he was holding on to with him for good measure. A nice loop back around the back of Westcott and back up to Ranmore before heading down through Denbies Vineyard. The wind-chill was numbing!

Jem and I decided to continue up Box Hill while Matt decided to call it a day. A Hot chocolate and a piece of flapjack waited for us at the top of Box Hill before heading down through Juniper Bottom and more face numbing cold. I clocked up 22 miles by the time I got home and Jeremy had enjoyed the how ride on the Marin. The Marin was also equipped with On-One Mary Bars and these got another thumbs up after initial reservations. Roll on 2006.

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