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Ride Report – 20/10/2013 – Return of the MUDDYMoles

Posted by DaveC | October 20, 2013 | 10 comments so far

After what seems like an eternity of being the DustyMoles today sparked the retrun to the traditional MuddyMoles.

With last weekend a total washout the Forum was alive with cries to “MTFU” (Mole the F*** Up) and even I waived the first rule of riding, i.e. I started a ride in the rain. Luckily for us the rain itself was short lived as by the time I reached Bocketts Farm it was very much on the wane and eased to a stop within a short time.

Dandy, BigAl, Elliot, Karl, Tony2 and myself started the ride with Nick meeting us up at Ranmore. A simple Newlands Classic was the chosen route with the promise of bacon, egg and tomato enough to persuade BigAl the route was OK. It was very much a day to keep the wheels turning and just get some miles under the wheels.

Mud was everywhere and the traction we had been used to had vanished in the Autumnal conditions. I could feel my Ground Control tyres fighting for grip on the wet chalk and had a comedy spin on the Admirals Track, White Down and several other places. The run down in to Albury also lead to a huge tank slapper as I followed BigAl on his Kamikaze route.

Elliot put in a huge effort up Water Lane to claim 9th place on his Singular Swift. Tony2 showed us a nice little run through the woods at the back of Newlands and on the way back we took a slight detour close to Drum’n’Bass. A lot of the time the sun shined on us as well!

Sometimes it’s good to just grit your teeth and get out and ride!

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  1. Elliot says:

    It was completely dry here when I did brief “Rule 1” check and even the promise of showers in the forecast didn’t prepare me for the storm found lurking at Dorking, complete with lightning. After that I was a little concerned that there wouldn’t be a ride but it turned into a really nice one with a good turnout. I’m surprised by the ninth place on Water Lane as I’ve been beasted up there quite a few times, maybe before the age of Strava for some riders.

    Slightly annoyed by the puncture from a rock slicing my rear tyre but it couldn’t have been much closer to Bocketts so it didn’t need more than a little help from Dandy’s more powerful pump (Cheers!) and a short walk.

  2. Lloyd says:

    I did not make the start but did my own newlands run. I forgot that wet clay has same traction as wet soap and did part of the white down descent sans bike. Not too much damage and decided the bloody knee looked manly rather than incompetence and carried on. Caught up with the moles just after newlands and splashed back with the collective.
    Good fun…..really

  3. Tony says:

    I took an easy ride option a little later in the morning up to Colley Hill. Missed most of the showers but I came back looking like a mud Yeti.

  4. Karl says:

    What a pleasant surprise that ride was.. Leaving the house I expected a drenching and a mud-fest.. Instead it was a sunny rain free ride.. Alright, it was bloody muddy, but great to be out riding. Glad Big Al had thrown down the MTFU gauntlet, cos it was a smashing ride.
    I risked riding my mmmbop with 29er wheels (thanks Lord OnOne), and with a 2.0 Mud X on the back.(thanks Al). Perfect setup as it happened, and despite a slightly high BB it rode extremely well.. loads of traction in the mud, brill uphill, quick on the straight, and not too shabby on the little bits of tricky either, in fact the high bb was very handy there. Can’t believe that frame.. outrageously good design.

    Dave thank you for the extremely swift ride report.. Mind you highlighting Al for kamikaze lines, is not quite the full picture is it? Your own choice of lines was, as you know.. very eccentric. It reminded me of when I was a little boy aiming for the puddles on purpose cos I liked the splashing.. I understand why your nomenclature is Muddy Dave more clearly now 😉

    Much hilarity for the girls when I arrived home looking like a coal miner myself.

  5. Jonesy says:

    Good morning out on the XC trails.
    Took me an hour to clean my bike afterwards, but impressed that we got 27 miles in, given the early morning storms

  6. stevend says:

    It is good to read a Muddy Moles ride report again, it has been awhile, I was beginning to think you had gone into hibernation. 🙂 I am glad you all had a good ride. After last winter we amended Rule #1 to be; the only time you do not go out is when there is a thunderstorm, otherwise we would never go riding. After all, it is only mud & water. But, and I guess you all know this – always hose down the bike (and yourself if you have waterproofs on) as soon as you return home, it makes life easier.

  7. Dandy says:

    La Dandina thought I was barking mad to be heading out in that deluge, but with it soon easing off it was a fun, if slippery, ride. The winterised OnOne was a good choice for the conditions. Although I was feeling the effects of a Sat morning ride and an afternoon’s reffing, the final descent of Rip van Winkle put a smile on our faces. Kudos to the single speed boys, I didn’t have the legs for that yesterday. Looks like Wed night will be similar conditions 🙁

  8. Gordo says:

    I was driving “dad’s taxi” at 8am on Sunday and couldn’t believe the ferocity of the rain and the blackness of the sky as I passed Bocketts. Much respect to all who thought it was a good idea to go out for a ride.

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