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Ride report – 30th August

Posted by DaveC | August 30, 2009 | 10 comments so far

With my weekly mileage ending up on 82 miles and Matt’s on zero this is going to be one hell of a new logo he’s working on! Either that or he’s clocking up the miles undercover!

Riders who presented themselves for the ride were Colin, DaveW, Barry, Erik, AndyC, Rob, James, Jez and myself. After a brief debate about the route we headed of on the “Mole Classic” of runs around Abba Zabba. After 26 miles with two of the FeMoles the day before I was feeling heavy legged before I even started but I dug in and we headed up Yew Trees towards Badger Run and Collar Bone.

Abba Zabba claimed AndyC as he almost cleared if but shouldered the tree on the exit router and rolled down the slope. I led the rest down the chicken run and Blind Terror came up next giving me the opportunity to try a new line to the right avoiding the diagonal root. Barry, DaveW and Jez followed, maybe others as well but my memory is failing me. DaveW then did a spectacular clearance of Numbskull (what I’ve been calling Blind Terror for years) before we headed over the road to Blind Terror2 which was sweet and flowing as ever.

A quick debate about where to next and I was keen(!) to try the new climb that was introduced on a recent Wednesday evening ride (sorry John, missed it again). A quick run through Abinger Roughs and we got stuck into the climb. Easier than McPherson’s in my opinion but still hard. I then took the group back through the woods avoiding the fire road. Then a swift run back down the way we’d come and on to the Ranmore road.

Colin came up with an interesting alternative to our usual descent through Denbies and we instead did a high speed run past the Vicarage. With Colin whooping behind me I steamed down at full speed, banking high on the final complex before the rutted descent. Colin was grinning like the cat from Chesire as we headed back for Box Hill.

Barry obviously has something to prove as he set out to grind another record class time up the bridal way with Jez some 15 seconds behind him. I continued to lead my class (there’s benefits to liking weird bikes…..and I’m always going to have the fastest set of Mary bars up there as well….). At the top cake was eaten as we looked forward to a run down China Pig. Early on we found a fallen tree which we duly stopped for and cleared it out of the way as much as possible leaving a new chicane to negotiate. China Pig was in great condition and the pace was quick as my tired legs surged on, bolstered by flapjack and Torq bar.

One final push up past Juniper Hall, down Stane street and then Alsatian, dropping riders all the way. End count was about 26 miles and another great ride putting together lots of bits of track we’ve never done before.

I’ve penciled in a “killer loop” for two weeks time. Probably going to start at 8am and head over to Leith Hill to pick up Nirvana’s “Killer Loop”, then to Holmbury, Pitch, Winterfold and Newlands before heading home. I estimate this is going to be well over 30 miles as it’s 27ish starting and finished in Westcott. Probably going to be a cross country dash rather than full of “fun” bits but I’m sure we can fit Barry’s in at least. Watch this space!!

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Dave's been riding seriously since about 1997 and is one of the founding Molefathers — along with Matt and Mark — that came up with the idea of a MTB website for Mole Valley riders.

He's had several different bikes but it's now mainly 29ers in Dave's stable, apart from an Orange 5.

Current Bikes: Orange 5, Salsa Spearfish and Kona Big Unit

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  1. Colin says:

    A good ride thanks Dave, nice to tick off Abba Zabba again.

    Flying down the vicarage descent behind you was great fun – you have obviously bonded with the Intense!!

    Killer loop sounds good, just gotta work on clearance from HQ.

    Was going to suggest Pitch and a Pint Wednesday but the weather looks grim so maybe stick local?

  2. James says:

    Sounds like fun. Are you planning another ride soon, night ride? See if I can break my old Cannondale!!

  3. John R says:


    And I’ve got to pass on the Killer Loop on the 13th because of a family engagement – ironically at the Wotton Hatch.

    Doh again!

    – JR

  4. DaveW says:

    Really good ride – just my kind of thing with some decent cross country miles combined with technical challenges and some new (to me) routes thrown in.

    I was really pleased to ride numbskull successfully – I don’t usually like to ride anything tricky unless I’ve seen someone else do it – I think that finally managing to ride around the tree and down on Abba Zabba gave me a bit of a confidence boost (a dangerous thing in this game!).

    Mention should also be made of Barry’s astounding Box Hill ascent in 6 mins aned 58 seconds. I’ve updated the Box Hill MTB thread on and note that the two fastest times are by regular muddymoles riders (would be the top 3 if Jez logged his time – I think he was around 20 seconds behind Barry). Go moles!

  5. Dave says:

    Looks like the 13th might be a normal ride now as there are a lot of core riders who can’t make it.

    James, we ride on Wednesday nights pretty much every week. Meet at the Esso garage which if you came out of the car park we meet on a Sunday and turn left it’s less than a mile along there.

    Get Barry on a his Scott without the evening’s “lubrication” and I’m sure he could set down a better time. Especially once Tony is back to fitness and champing at the bit. Or maybe the “lubrication” is a vital component? Best get a six pack in for D2D anyway!!

  6. Baz says:

    Hi All,

    Another good one on sunday with the vicarage decent being a lot of fun, sorry i could not stop at the top of box hill, as i had to get back for the parents visiting and i kinda stretched the time as far as i could, Jez you had a great climb up box hill and thanks Dave for the compliments on the accent. The all day pass looks good for a couple of weeks time


  7. Andy C says:

    Abba Zabba 1 – Andy C 1

    A great ride Dave, and despite my record I do enjoy the technical challenges of this “Moles Classic”. I was really annoyed that the tree claimed me on Abba Zabba, as my last thoughts on looking back down the slope after the 180 up by the tree were something like, “Shit, that’s a bit steeper than I remember, but arse back and here we go!”

    Next thing I’m sliding down on my backside thinking, “WTF happend?” Later examination revealed quite a bruised knuckle and shoulder, so I suspect my LH bar just clipped the trunk causing me to shoulder it and throw me off. Thanks to Colin yet again for supplying the first aid to patch me up; I will owe you a complete new kit by Christmas.

    I look forward to another attempt in the near future, must try and make a wider turn though. At least the score on Numbskull (or is it Blind Terror 2) is now 2-1 in my favour!

  8. Colin says:

    No worries Andy. I was gutted for you, cheering away at you clearing the upslope and initially seeming to have made it round the tree.

    In a flash you were performing cartwheels and we were wincing in sympathy. Glad it was only bruises and cuts, we’ve done enough bones lately.

    Fair play to Av-A-Go DaveW who once again showed his all round abilities and Buster Gonad sized plums by taking the hardest line on Numbskull and making it look easy.

    As for Baz, under 7 minutes up that bridleway is obscene. If there is such a thing as a body-weight corrected time, I reckon Tony is quicker though!! (no disrespect meant to Tony)

  9. Dave says:


    I think you mean “body-mass corrected” ;o)

  10. tony says:

    Hi Dave

    In plain speaking I think that what you are saying is “Fast for a fat lad” 🙂 My roadie mates reckon that I go up hill fairly quick despite, not because of, my body shape!

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