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Ride report: Sunday 19 September – D2D beckons

Posted by DaveC | September 19, 2010 | 7 comments so far

The MuddyMoles at the Reigate Memorial on Colley Hill
With D2D beckoning it’s a brave new rider who joins the Moles for a ride this time of year.

3 brave new souls (lambs to the slaughter?) were present when I arrived at he car park this morning. I eyed the retro Spesh FSR with some concern as I set about trying to work out what level of fitness we were dealing with. Lewis was the proud owner of said Spesh and he’d got experience although some time ago while his sister Emma, does the odd triathlon and some road riding. Mike had been over to Holmbury a few times so after a warning that the Moles were in pursuit mode (although later Amanda cut me down by telling me she was “idling”) we got ready to head off.

Riders were Mike, Lewis, Emma, Amanda, Darren, Paul901, PaulM, JohnR, Jem, Erick and myself. As suggested on the forum we headed over to Reigate Hill with a fast XC ride in mind. I warned the newbies that the Alsation climb was a killer and we headed down to cross the road. The killer actually came in the form of some barbed wire that took out Amanda’s rear tubeless tyre and also a bit further on Lewis’s as well. So, with a tube from me we got that sorted asap and cracked on.

Dave and the Moles climbing Alsation

I adopted the “no one will pass” tactic up Alsation after JohnR passed me on his SS and I’m sure the new riders had their own thoughts on that particular climb! We took in Life on Mars on the way, a track that, for me at least, offers different joys depending on which direction you ride it. Onwards to Headley Heath, passing Ali’s Cafe and heading through the bridleway network to the top of Pebblecombe Hill.

Paul901 was having a good ride as he cleared the “side of the field” climb ahead of me and continued to set a steady pace for the rest of the ride, looking especially strong up the Gatton Park climb. I also want to thank Darren, Jem and JohnR for looking after the back of the pack. I did briefly have a go myself only to realise that I was the only one with a real nose of the direction so that soon stopped!!

So, we did the Gatton Park loop with Emma commenting that she nearly went over the bars on the chalky descent but made up for it with a fine climbing effort. We passed the cafe without stopping given our previous experience of the pricing, instead opting to take in the hospitality of Ali’s Cafe. The run back was uneventful although a few golfers did wait until we passed before teeing off, a fact I am grateful for!

The Cafe offered the normal delights with Darren and Amanda opting for the bacon and egg roll. Good basic food with no pretence of grandeur!! Nice.

The final run was now upon us as JohnR led into SS with 4 or 5 following only to miss the sharp right hander putting me ahead for the rest of the trail. This was soon followed by LoM in reverse (or some would say the forward way) and a final run back down Alsation.

Back at the car park the new riders seemed to have enjoyed themselves and hope to see them again soon.

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He's had several different bikes but it's now mainly 29ers in Dave's stable, apart from an Orange 5.

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  1. kc says:

    I saw the assembling masses at Bocketts as I went by in the taxi whisking me off to Gatwick North and a 9 hour flight to Orlando on business. Oh how I envied you lot!

    See you next weekend Moles!

  2. TurnerGuy says:

    Sounds like another good one I have missed…

    The wife promised me some late morning stripping action on Sunday morning – unfortunately it turned out to be paint stripping 🙁

  3. PIJ says:

    Aha! I saw said Spesh in the above photographed location, but he was sans Moles. Did you leave him behind? He looked somewhat bemused by things when I passed, but gave a cheery wave back when I said “hello” so I figured all was well. Loud paint job.

    I did a similar route [ as one would when starting off from Redhill – D’oh! ] but avoided the NDW entirely once past Colley Hill, both out and back. Seemed to be an awful lot of horse riders about, but not many mountain bikers. Trails being churned up nicely by the nags.

    One day the Moles will go under the M25 when doing the Gatton run [ surely going under things would be the default status of the Moles? ]. One day, one day…

    Er, nice to have seen one of you out and about!

  4. Dave says:

    Hi PIJ,

    I did look out for you! Yes, we’d gone down for the run round Gatton Park and on mentioning the climb, said Spesh owner opted for the rest.

    We’re having a bash at the route you sent me tomorrow evening which, I think, does go under the M25 so we’ll see how that goes!

  5. PIJ says:

    No worries – Spesh man did look like he was catching 5, or even 25! He looked oddly content and would have made a good advert for mountain biking.

    Ships in the night. We’re planning to do the Newland’s Corner run on Sunday, so we may yet bump into each other. Although they do say you should never meet your hero’s……

    I’m not overly attached to the M25 run – just that it offers an alternative and reasonably decent route back for you guys from the typical [ and sometimes slightly boring ] NDW “there and back” and would avoid the Gatton circular to a degree. Going down over those tree roots is always better than the climb up – personal best of 32mph there. I prefer to climb up the chalk path than to go down it. Mind we’re talking degrees of difference here, and it is a bit of a lung buster. The little section directly under the M25 is a bit horrid if it hasn’t been cleaned by the council – but no worse than the fly tipping that’s currently going on at Headley. The gravel up the hill past the underpass can catch the unwary out. It’s the bit as you go over the A217 and onto the Heath itself that makes it a good little ride though. More for you guys to explore…. I’m guessing at least one of you will know the route when you see it on the ground, as it is an old one from days gone yore.

    Sunday was an oddly pleasant day to be out wasn’t it? No rain, not too hot, fast trails.

  6. lewis says:

    Thanks guys for the great comments and support on a good day out,

    Thanks to dave carrying a spare tube as i managed to get my self a flat after the first five mins,

    Really enjoyed myself see you all this sunday,


    can we stop for cake little earlier this week.

  7. Mike Still says:

    Hi Guys, thanks for the welcoming and hospitable ride on the 19th across to Reigate. Great fun and some nice challenging hills. Looking forward to catching up with you all for a ride again shortly. Hope today’s ride went well. Could’nt make it out today unfortunately but had a great blast on Holmbury Hill over Barry Knows Best and Yogurt Pots a couple of times over. Good luck with the race next weekend and catch you in in late October (after hols OS).



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