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Ride Report – Sunday 1st June – Reigate and Epsom Downs

Posted by DaveC | June 1, 2014 | 15 comments so far

With Matt doing his Lord Lucan and other Moles engaged in Secret Ops there were just 4 Moles that made the ride this week.   KevWith no plan and just a nod from Kev and James I headed up to Bocketts where I found Chris waiting. Kev soon joined us and then we saw James riding up the tarmac drag. Having decided in the meantime to do a Reigate route we decided not to be mean and headed down the tarmac to head him off.

A group of 4 means the ride can be kept tight and I did my bit by leading up Alsation and effectively blocking Kev from coming past. No records broken on the climb but we stayed at a steady pace for most of the ride. Passed Ali’s van which was there but not open yet we thought we might be back there soon. Things didn’t quite pan out that way.

Although there was mud in the usual places we were setting a good pace and quickly arrived on Reigate Hill.Reigate Hill Weather was generally sunny with mixed cloud making it ideal for riding. We dropped down into Gatton park and did our usual route followed by a steady climb where a runner paced us up the slope. we stopped briefly at the car park but by then we’d already started to hatch another plan.MolesGiven we’d made good pace I thought we might extend or change the route back and head towards Walton on the Hill and then to Epsom Downs with a plan to take tea at Bike Beans Cafe in Ashtead. This met with general approval and the only doubt in my mind was what the route would be after we went around the gold club at Walton Heath.

Luckily we made enough right choices so anyone looking at the GPS trace would have no idea we were making it up. Out first stroke of luck was to follow a permissive ride after hitting the main trail past the golf club. A little further along we heard a regular tapping sound from James front tyre and a mighty thorn was causing the problem.

TyreLuckily Barrie wasn’t there to give words of encouragement but his shadow hurried Kev and James along while I stood there and refused to touch the muddy tyre in such warm conditions! Soon sorted we hit the main road and were soon out into Walton on the Hill. A short road section and we were back on our route around Epsom Downs.

From there we were heading back to Staine Street and then to Bike Beans. Having not been there for many months it made an interesting change. There were some general comments that the sugar content of the flap jack was a little on the high side but the coffee was considered excellent and my hot chocolate hit the spot. I’d also like to mention that we have a cycle cafe opening in Bookham very soon, Domestique Cycle Cafe so I look forward to being able to report on them soon as well.

All in all a great ride and some 27+ miles covered.

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Dave's been riding seriously since about 1997 and is one of the founding Molefathers — along with Matt and Mark — that came up with the idea of a MTB website for Mole Valley riders.

He's had several different bikes but it's now mainly 29ers in Dave's stable, apart from an Orange 5.

Current Bikes: Orange 5, Salsa Spearfish and Kona Big Unit

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  1. KevS says:

    An extremely prompt ride report your Muddiness!

    Really enjoyed today’s route to Reigate as I haven’t been over that way for ages. The views looking South are always great and make up for the pain of the climb back up from Gatton Park!

    I think our alternative return route worked out well and added some less traveled trails to the ride, even if we made it up as we went along!

    My Cappucino at Bike Beans was one of the best I have had anywhere for a long time but if I was going to be picky I would say the Orange cake slice was too sugary in a scary sugar content sort of way!
    A minor point but these things are high on the agenda for Moles rides. 😉

    What a stonking morning to be out on the bike in a tight knit group of athletes (ok that last bit was partially a lie) on drying trails. Roll on summer!

  2. Tony says:

    It was a beautiful day to be out and I do like your route too. Hopefully the trails were dryer than Friday. Which was a bit claggy.

  3. James says:

    Thanks for a great ride today chaps. I’ve not done the Reigate run before, but thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for the pitstop tyre change help too Kev! To complete the suit of drink reviews, I had a tea which was pretty good too and had a separate milk jug to add what you like (nothing worse than buying a cup of tea that has had half a gallon of milk slopped in).

  4. J-R says:

    Looks like a great day for a ride.

    I wonder how we will ever factor in the new Bookham Domestique coffee stop into a ride?

  5. Matt says:

    With Matt doing his Lord Lucan

    Too true; up until the alarm went off I was fully intending to ride on Sunday but just can’t seem to shake off fact that at least half my week sees me waking up feeling absolutely shattered.

    I haven’t been able to find any obvious reason why, but – for example – right at this moment I’m wishing I had a good six weeks ahead of me doing nothing rather than being stuck here at work. Diet, exercise, stress, some kind of PVFS? Don’t know. Some days I feel full of beans, and can put in a comfortable 30 miler, most days not at the moment 🙁

    Haven’t forgotten about you guys, I would have enjoyed todays’ route as well. Glad you enjoyed it all. I think I might try focus on some low intensity training (140 bpm max) for a bit and see how I feel.

  6. Chrish says:

    Many thanks for the ride. Really enjoyed it. Great route. Enjoyed the coffee too, an excellent flat white. Marvellous.

  7. Secret Agent Dandy says:

    Can’t help feeling you could have snuck in an extra cake stop, if you were on the single-speed surely it could be justified? I’m assuming it’s a reasonably SS-friendly route?
    Having enjoyed a fairly lengthy XC-stylee ride with Tony & Jem on Friday, our Secret Ops was some ‘wheels off the ground’ action in the generally dry-enough Surrey Hills ‘Location X’ 😉

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