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Ride Report – Sunday 22 Feb – Moles migrate South to Peaslake and Pitch Hill

Posted by KevS | February 23, 2015 | 12 comments so far

Grande Departe

Grande Departe

Due to the incessantly changeable weather and amount of rain that fell last week, it seemed a good idea to meet over at Peaslake for Sundays ride and avoid the worst of the Ranmore B@stard glue mud (copyright quote property of Mr Karlos Fandango)

Schleppin up at Walking Bottom car park for a very cold and frosty 08:30 start, were in no particular order; Jem, D’Andy, D’Dub, Elliott, JR, James and a very hungover myself. Sadly we were missing Mr Karlos Fandango, heal quickly Mate.

As ever, the usual cross section of bikes were on display, full sus, hardtail, Phat, not too mention D’Andy on his “chubby” rigid forked ‘Dale SS.

A simple but cunning plan to head up over towards Pitch Hill and pick up some of the fun trails was formulated as we began the first climb out of Walking Bottom and up onto the hills, our tyres alternately rolling through frosty mud, semi frosty mud, icy puddles, slush puppy puddles, good honest mud and bone dry ground. This was to be the format for the day and kept us on our toes for the first hour until the temperature climbed above freezing and proper mud developed! Not B@stard glue mud you understand, just the nice normal wet mud mixed with a bit of sand, the sort that doesn’t cling to your tyres and frame thereby turning your bike into a heavy unwieldy brute.

Once we got rolling up the first long climb of the day everyone had warmed up cold toes and fingers as we turned in to Proper Bo, forking right lower down and climbing up to do it again with a left fork this time dropping us down again to pick up the long Moon Hall climb. A fun trail to warm up on and get the reflexes working.

Judges seat?

Judges seat?

The top of Pitch Hill in hazy sunshine saw the trails become a little more muddy as we headed into the steep rooty switch back trail that is Eric. Now I wouldn’t say it was carnage going down Eric but I did see a couple of riders having a little lie down next to their bikes.  As is the way I enquired after their well being before abandoning them and heading on down. (Elliott should be well rested as I noticed he had two horizontal moments on this ride)

Halfway down Eric I passed a bewildered looking Jem who seemed to have ever so slightly left the trail at some point and was regrouping before giving it the beans again! On and down we plunged into the lower boggy area before being spat out onto the road.

Next was the no pain no gain road climb up Ride Way followed by the winch up the gulley, or Windy Miller, and across onto Pitch Hill where we bumped into Wobbem, Jonesy, Big Al and a few other jump jockeys.

This was to be the format of the day with winch and plunge very much on the menu as we took in the delights of Evian, Northern Monkey, Charles Bronson, Super Nova and many others. D’Dub seemed to have got his mojo back and was caning it effortlessly down the trails. Huge fun and big grins on faces all round with JR having way too much fun on his Phatty and frankly, behaving like a hooligan! I was experiencing fork issues by now as the pre-owned Reba’s I was testing from a certain Mole Father were now as stiff as hell and made some of the roots and drops interesting to say the least! Further investigation back home in the man cave showed the lower legs had lost 70 psi?? He will be hearing from my legal team  … no wait, I haven’t paid for them yet!

Taking tea with the jumpy boys

Taking tea with the jumpy boys

By now tired legs for some of us due to winching up the more slippery trails meant it was time to head back down to Peaslake for refreshments where we met up with the jump jockeys again, with D’Andy deciding to photo-bomb them. He’s such a tart!

Big Al looks to be unimpressed with his nosh tho’?


The usual display of unabashed Mole gluttony involving a sugary calorific overload of cakes, cheese straws and other delights were consumed before a democratic decision was agreed for some more action over towards Yogurt Pots and back down BKB.

Post cake sugar high

Post cake sugar high

By this time me and the Jemsters legs were sending us all kinds of messages, none of them good, despite me having consumed two cakes, as we hauled our weary carcasses up the Rad lane climb and across to Holmbury Hill and Yogurt Pots. I have to say all I could do was roll down the Pots as there was nothing left in the tank before we headed back with legs burning to the top of BKB and back down to Peaslake.

A great mornings entertainment with 15.5 miles on the clock, 2500ft of climbing, a truck load of calories burnt, no injuries or mechanicals, so all good!

Roll on Spring/Summer.


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  1. J-R says:

    2500ft of climbing in just 15 miles – that was a pretty damn good route you picked there, Dandy.

    I really enjoyed those trails on the fatty – Evian, Northern Monkey, Super Nova, and of course the excellent Charles Bronson, even if I am not as fast as the rest of you. It must be that extra weight – hang on, that excuse doesn’t work on the the downhills.

    Great ride up Kev, and great to see you and the Jemster out again.

  2. Jemster says:

    Cracking ride, despite the hard, semi hard, semi muddy and muddy conditions. Yes my legs gave up and ached last night as though they had been rolled over many times by JR’s fatty!!

    Riding style for me consisted of riding like a pro! cough!! (well in my head anyhow) on a couple of trails, to a riding like a complete tart and not being able to keep the front wheel ON the trail!

    I must say John, your wide fatty was a pleasure to sit on!! Very Comfy. 🙂

  3. Matt says:

    Lovely write up Kev, it all sounds rather inspiring. This mountain bike thing might catch on!

    I’m moving ever closer to a triumphant return, at the moment it would be more of a sneak-in-the door-with-tail-between-my-legs sort of return. Not sure metaphor works really…

  4. tony says:

    Great write up Kev. The lure of the duvet was much to strong for me on Sunday morning. No way was I making the ride. It looked like you had a workout!

  5. Elliot says:

    Shame the frost seemed to do more bad than good, particularly as it packed up and left the party rather suddenly. Those same trails were in summer-like condition a couple of weeks ago.

    “Elliot should be well rested as I noticed he had two horizontal moments on this ride” Two naps in a half mile, there’s a PR I hope not to break!

  6. Karl says:

    Good write up and kind words Kev.
    I hope to be joining you chaps late April in them there sunny hills.
    Also looking forward to riding with DC, who I hope will get back very soon.

    Wising you all BG mud free rides..

  7. MuddyDave says:

    Well I replaced the GrandMoles “o” rings last night and made sure that plenty of lube was used. I think you’ll find him moving smoothly up and down like a pro next time he makes it out.

    As Matt said “there may be something in the mountain biking lark”

    • Dandy says:

      “I replaced the GrandMoles “o” rings last night and made sure that plenty of lube was used. I think you’ll find him moving smoothly up and down like a pro next time” … he’s not been see since you posted this !!!

  8. David says:

    Great trip guys, I see that some trail are unknown to m e in that area, no so experience rider!! I was thinking if do you share any gp s files will be great to follow or is a posibility in joinning the clubs rides, Im bit slow on my old trek session 8 2010dh bike though not design for climbing as you may think but good for fitness.
    Thanks for the good experience you share

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