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Ride Report: Sunday 23 September – Rain and Brambles

Posted by DaveC | September 24, 2012 | 5 comments so far

Brambled Leg

We’ll get to exactly how my leg ended up looking like that in a while.

With the forcast being for rain and the cloudy skies seemingly confirming it, a small, select group of Moles gathered for a longer XC ride over to Newlands Corner. It turned out to be a little bit longer than we had planned but all to the good. Keith was making a return to the brown stuff and Amanda also joined us, “fresh” from her success at the Kielder 100. Go Girl!

Karl, BigAl and JonH finished off the group.

Everything started to plan as we set off via Pampaloma and then Yew Trees to get to Ranmore. A fairly straightforward route took us along Collarbone and down “Short and Sweet” heading straight past the AZ complex heading for the long chalky descent into the back of Abinger. The ground was mainly dry and grip predictable allowing for some Strava times to fall.

Making good time we popped across the back of Shere and on to what I think (and am too lazy to look up) is Pond Lane with it’s much more weather resistant surface. From there it was a short spin onto Black Heath and it soon became clear that BigAl intended to “explore” and he shot off up a climb (in the way only a single speeder can) leaving me shouting behind that MarkyMark took us right last time. No matter, we knew we’d pick it up soon or later.

Well it turned out to be a bit later as but we did find a nice little loop to keep us entertained with rather a nice climb out which I nailed using my battle roar from Swinley a couple of weeks ago. Very satisfying. Another few turns put us back on track and we soon found our way to the climb to St Martha’s with BigAl keen to clear it. I settled in for a slow spin with Karl while the other opened up a fair lead. Apparently BigAl dabbed and I caught sight of JonH holding onto a tree (must count as “dabbing” in my book) while I maintained a slow and steady spin, clearing the climb for the first time this year.

From there it was only a short ride to the top of Newlands and the usual ritual of greeting Graeme and Nick as they leave. By now the rain was starting to come in quite strong and we didn’t hang around much longer than we needed to. There was talk of an Effingham ending but as the rain increased and we got wetter “the fastest way back” became the preferred option.

Oh yeah, my leg. Well…

On the drag after leaving the Cafe, before you hit the next main car park there is a rather nice unmarked trail. Some of it was getting a bit over grown but I assured the others it would be OK moments before it required full body armour. A wet root then finished the scene off and I tumbled sideways into the brambles. I did my best beached turtle impression, unable to unclip my right foot and hence well and truly stuck. Amanda try to pull me up but the physics wasn’t going to work so Keith waded in, twisted my foot out of the clip and hauled the bike off me. Anyway, my left leg is quite scratched and sore, thanks for asking!

Oh, and I almost forgot!

Have I mentioned that Jill is doing the Shine Walk (26 miles) in aid of cancer research, namely Lymphoma, which her husband Jem, a very dear Mole to many of us, is recovering from? I did? Well I’m doing it again. Please donate here, I’ll love you all that little bit more if you do!

It’s next Sunday so chop, chop! Cheers all!

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  1. Matt says:

    Yikes! that’s never going to be a pretty sight at the best of times. At least we can’t see if you’re wearing sandals Dave!

  2. Big al says:

    Please somebody post a new write up !!! The image of Dave’s leg on my iPhone icon is not a good one . It was a fine Comedy off and a very enjoyable morning .

  3. Karl says:

    Must say seeing you consumed by that bush was highly amusing..
    It looked like a Triffid had found itself a hearty meal..
    Amanda had no chance of retrieving you from it’s jaws..

  4. Ajkiwi says:

    Actually I had no chance of helping Dave as was laughing too much.;0)

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