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Ride Report – Sunday 26th May – Glorious ride

Posted by DaveC | May 26, 2013 | 17 comments so far

Today we were blessed. Blessed with good company, good weather and good spirits from all who I passed.The Mole Fathers16 of us started from Bocketts today, 4 Femoles and 12 Moles, pretty much a record in terms of Femole attendance. Old faces and new faces stood side by side with the expectation of a sunny ride to Holmbury/Peaslake and back. I’ll attempt a role call but forgive me if I get it wrong. Starting were, me, Matt, Lloyd, Kev, Jason, Keith, BigAl, JonH, Yvette, Albert, Jo, Ginny, Chrissy, James, Elliot, Andrew and JR picked us up on Admirals track (making 17…..)

The plan was simple, to head over  to Holmbury via Hogden Lane and then let BigAl take over to run us round a few choice trails and drop us down into Peaslake for tea and cake.

Yvette and ChrissyStarting by heading up Admirals track we made quick progress to Poleden Lacey and Matt vetoed Hogden Lane as a climb so we did the downhill and the headed up Pampaloma to pick up Yew Trees up to Ranmore. From there we headed along Badger run and Collar bone before heading into Trouble in Paradise.t

Big Al on the Log rollThe lof roll always allows for some to show more daring than others. BigAl cleared it and as I was at the back I’m not sure who else made it. This picture of Andrew shows a trailing leg so I’m not sure if that was a clean clear or not!

Andrew on the log rollUp to the log roll the trails seemed remarkable dry considering the rain we have had this week but once over that section it became apparent that mud was on this section abundance.

Chrissy in mudWe slid and slithered through this as “summer tyres” failed to find the grip. It seemed very localised and we hit the main bridleway and regrouped before Short and Sweet. This proved that there was mud again as we hit the lower section and found mud again.

The Abba Zabba complex was next and I think this was a first for the Femoles. BigAl and JonH showed how it should be done while the rest of us headed down the less gnarrly route with me shouting instructions back. Everyone cleared the second run and we by passed Blind Terror and Numbskull. Crossing the road was interesting as there were a lot of Roadies out but the GrandMole saw us across safely although the wet chalk entry caught a few riders out. Blind Terror 2 was bypassed by me as I led the Femoles to the right after Chrissy took a tumble on the main rooty descent.

Albert on BT2

Regrouping at the bottom of the White Down road climb we headed across Abinger Roughs and on to the Raikes Lane bridleway through Paddington Farm. Turing left at the Volunteer pub we headed up to the Youth Hostel and then made our way to the start of Yogurt Pots. James suffered a bit of a root interface moment leading to some serious bruising but we reckon the pie and chips diet for a few weeks should add to his padding.

BigAl then led us round some sweet single track with “I should CoCo” being a major part of it. Here I found that Jason P, formally Jason , the big ring basher was broken. Too much work and too much partying without enough rest seemed to be the main cause. We turned him right tat the road to roll down to Peaslake store to refuel while the rest of us took in BKB.

I have to say that I ragged BKB on the way down setting as PB on three of the strava sections. Not sure how much faster I could go on the Spearfish as I got a bit out of shape on a couple of turns. But it was glorious! Oh……people, please learn how to brake…..that last “berm” is a joke.

Hot chocolate with a triple choc shortbread AND a pain au raison were my choice for suitable trail food as we enjoyed the sun and chatted about bollox as usual. Bike Beans Cafe seemed to be doing some cheeky guerilla marketing with a flag outside the Village store.

With some colour back in Jason cheeks we headed homeward via Rad Lane and then while I was at the back someone chose White Down climb which, I might add, the Grand Mole failed to veto in time. In fairness I think the Low Med climb had been done a bit too much recently so all in all it was probably the right choice.

Reverse Collar bone and Badger Run saw us heading down Yew Trees and up under the twin Bridges climb back to the car park. I recorded some 26 miles on my ride and a rack of PBs along the way. Glorious ride and excellent to see some many Femoles out as well.

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Dave's been riding seriously since about 1997 and is one of the founding Molefathers — along with Matt and Mark — that came up with the idea of a MTB website for Mole Valley riders.

He's had several different bikes but it's now mainly 29ers in Dave's stable, apart from an Orange 5.

Current Bikes: Orange 5, Salsa Spearfish and Kona Big Unit

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  1. Big al says:

    Great ride as always , I will admit to take the blame for the white down climb , sorry Jason but I can’t resist kicking a man when his down !!!!

  2. Dandy says:

    Having spent most of the day on several of the UK’s motorways, looking enviously at the cyclists crossing on the overpasses, I felt even more envious reading this report. Sounds like you all had a great ride in fantastic weather (judging by the pics).

    Looking forward to having a belated bank holiday ride with Al in the morning. Hoping his ride today has taken a bit out of his legs so I won’t get punished too much on the climbs 🙁

  3. Dandy says:

    Nice clear of the log roll, Akak. Looks like you might have been shaking your leg in a post-completion celebration to me ;). That MuddyDave is a bit stingy with his accolades 🙂

  4. Andrew AKAK says:

    Thanks Dandy – to clarify I pedalled too late which meant they weren’t set level, this caused one foot to flail around in the air which isn’t ideal. I did exactly the same thing last time.

    Good ride and conditions – particularly enjoyed the 2-cake stop at Peaslake – must be the best value tea shop?

    • Dandy says:

      My approach is to pedal like heck before the logs and freewheel up and over. That’s why I don’t like tackling them when they’re too wet, it’s not that the logs are slippery, it’s not being able to get enough speed up before them !

  5. Lloyd says:

    Great ride. I pushed on at the top of the climb as I had promised to be home by 12.30 to head to london. The Pompei exhibition was fantastic but a couple of hours walking around a museum as opposed to lounging on the sofa was very tough.
    Must be my age.

  6. Elliot says:

    Another lovely Mole ride. The log roll looks a lot easier from this side, and getting easier by the day – looking at the way it’s crumbling. When it’s rotted down to near enough ground level maybe I’ll give it a go…

    I think we should take in that White Down climb more often, if only for the views!

  7. Markymark says:

    I swear you guys crossed about 10m in front of me as i was darksiding it up Radnor Road from Peaslake! Looked like a large group, many in Moles tops. Great conditions and lovely day for it. 🙂

  8. Kev says:

    Great ride, great weather, great company, great cake stop!

    To be fair Dave, I actually agreed with Big Al’s return route choice to go up Whitedown! I did however veto his suggestion of the Hogden lane descent as its a flinty bumpy sufferfest and I was on a hardtail. 😉

  9. Tony says:

    Hi that sounds like a great day in the Surrey hills. First day in Greece here so one of the smaller climbs from the hotel, 55mins to the top of the bay! Dust donkey tracks and skittish loose corners comjng down. 27degrees. Lovely.

  10. Karl says:

    Looks like you had a really fab ride..

    I rode out with Wobbem for a truly gnarly Sunday and got it!
    Well the Gnarr was top notch + tip top. but I was absolutely annihilated on the climbs 🙁
    Needed a long lie down after.

    Excellent photographs! Are they yours JR? Really capture the fun..

  11. Matt says:

    That was a very enjoyable morning on the Hills. I actually had tan lines on my arms where I’d pushed up my sleeves as well!

    Unusual to see Jason break like that, he must have felt rubbish riding back.

    I really enjoyed Barrie’s, the jury is still out for me as to whether a 26er is faster or slower than a 29er but one things for sure, a Type 2 X9 rear derailleur would quieter things down a fair bit on my Five!! God it was noisy!

    I quite enjoyed White Down as well…

  12. Jem says:

    Looks as though you all had a great ride. Bit too far for me yet.

    The Moles B group tried out Swinley again (consisting of me, Alan, Alex the younger, Jack, Simon and Mark T. Took the Blur this time, perfect bike for the new trails really fast. It was crazy busy though!

    • stevend says:

      Hi Jem, I was over at Swinley yesterday at 0800 (a spontaneous decision the previous evening at about 10pm when we couldn’t agree where to start a ride the next day). It was empty, but a lot busier when we left at 1100 though. Dry, fast and fun. I think Swinley is great for building up your stamina.

  13. Muddy John says:

    Good route on a marvellous day and nice to catch up with so many Moles.

    Sounds like it’s a shame I had to head back early from The Voulenteer and didn’t stick arund to show Muddy Dave how to shred the gnar on BKB – I reckon you need to find a few more seconds before the 1st bombhole ;o)

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