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Ride Report: Sunday 27 December – Newlands Corner

Posted by DaveC | December 27, 2009 | 6 comments so far

Whilst I probably should have been resting my shoulder, as I sit here writing this it feels remarkably good after today’s ride.

With Sunday being a “normal” day, not being out for 2 weeks, and a few keen Moles with their names down for a ride I struggled up to the farm as best I could nursing a rather stiff shoulder. Good sense probably suggests I should have been resting still but I wanted to get a ride in before my x-ray in case the medical establishment decided I should put it in a sling!

Anyway, Keith was waiting for me at the car park and we were soon joined by Barrie, Tony and then JohnR. Paul made his usual entrance into the car park, just as we were about to leave but without his usual excuse in tow (sorry Joe!). Given my lack of riding, my wish to keep my shoulder intact and general muddy, teflon like surfaces, we opted for an XC slog to Newlands Corner and back on the top of the ridge, without dropping down to Shere.

This was a hard enough ride and my shoulder was soon telling me it was sore but I pushed on and by the time we had slid and slithered along Badger Run and Collarbone it was starting to feel much better. I was also able to settle in behind Barrie and his new steed to get the full benefit of the tow!! Everyone was cheery on the route, walkers, dog owners and horse riders. Must be the season of Good Will or something!

To top it all we were given free mince pies at the Cafe to go with the drinks and cakes. For once the wind also stayed in one direction, allowing us to shelter under the canopy and not get too cold.

Refreshed and eager to push on we headed back and ploughed through more mud discussing the relative merits of Joplins versus Gravity Droppers, Merino versus silk (for a nasty moment, when Tony said he’d rummaged through the drawer and found his silk… we were worried what he might have under his lycra, but he was talking socks). Keith confessed to wanting to try and keep his rides a bit more regular and also to entering his Caterham into a race series (there you go, it’s in print now… no backing out) so maybe a few Moles will turn up to support motorised racing for a change.

Paul also let slip that he’s in negotiations with his wife to go mountain bike racing. I couldn’t pin him down with whether his heart lay in Gorrick style XC or mini Down Hill but I really think we’re going to have to sort out the Muddy Mole jersey’s to get some race exposure from all these fit chaps!

As we hit the road that goes between Effingham and White Down, JohnR and Barrie peeled off for some high speed road return (Barrie had the reasonable excuse that his wife is overdue which will no doubt cause a few bemused faces from certain Moles as to how he gets away with it). Tony, Keith and myself headed back towards Bockett’s in the mud.

Just on the run up to go under the Wooden Bridges at Polesden my chain decided to wrap itself round my chainstay and get well and truly jammed. This time my shoulder wasn’t up for so I left it to Tony to dismantle my crank and get it straight again. That’ll need a but more investigation as I think the granny ring might have bent.

Anyway, another good ride in difficult conditions but at least it didn’t rain!

Happy New Year!

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He's had several different bikes but it's now mainly 29ers in Dave's stable, apart from an Orange 5.

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  1. james says:

    Sounds like you had fun. Wanted to join you but had to eat another xmas dinner! I was hoping to go to Swinley next Sunday 4th, Jem is up for it. Any other moles want to come, not been so would like to try it out.

  2. Andy says:

    Hi there,

    keen to grab a ride with you guys.

    Can someone text or call on ***** ****** pls 🙂


    ps: Even up for a ride this afternoon as all my kit boxed up and ready to go as someone dropped out at midnight last night. Grrr lol

  3. James says:

    Andy, welcome to the site, we will be riding tomorrow at 9am and meeting at the Holmbury yha car park.Radnor Lane



    RH5 6NW see you there. James

  4. Andy says:

    Well i’ll definitely be there with all the gear and no idea!

    First time out so be gentle with me! 😉

    i’ll be the walking advert for 661! But at least i won’t get hurt when i come off! Lol

  5. Andy says:

    Oh, and i’ll be bringing cake… 😉

  6. Dave says:

    And wondeful cake it was to! You are welcome any time!

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