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Ride report – Sunday 6th May 2012 – It’s Raining again

Posted by DaveC | May 7, 2012 | 12 comments so far

A surprisingly large number of Moles turned out for what turned out to be a ride light on rain, but heavy on mud.

Muddymoles in May

We started off with 14 riders. These included, but are not restricted to (and if JR asks me to list them he can…) Pascal, who started and finished with us, Ray, who I managed not to leave in the car park but wished several times that I had, and Kev who I think made some comment about acceleration owing to increased mass.

Anyway, MarkyMark, he was there also, wanted to head over to Newlands having missed it two weeks previously and take in the delights of Black Heath. With no better idea and having made my reservations on the forum we headed off in that direction. Progress was steady up to Ranmore and it was on Badger Run and Collarbone that we really found the gloop. I’ve ridden Collarbone when it’s been worse but not often.

Gary on White Down

We picked our way to AZ, Dandy opted not to test the 506 over the log roll and I think Karl had a go at AZ jugding by the mud on his arse but I had ridden on, not wanting to engage in voyeuristic pursuits. Traction was limited, roots were slippery, some Moles took the road down to the bottom of White Down, other took BT and I skirted round the edge.

Mark on White Down

We took the usual route over towards the back of Shere and 4 Moles peeled off at the Cricket pitch to take on Black Heath while the rest of us headed the normal way towards Water Lane. Taking my newly ratio-ed SS up was no more difficult than I had imagined it would be and an errant piece of tree caused me to spin out half way up the steep section before the left hander. “Most” of the rest I managed but I won’t be troubling Matt’s time (with the same ratio).

Replenished we decided we’d push off home before the break-away Moles appeared. The usual return leg presented itself and we managed a couple of laps of the bowl even though it was more slippery than I would have liked. More puddle dodging and we stayed on the main byway rather than heading into the woods. We stretched out as we headed along Ranmore and any chance of a quick run into Polesden had no chance with walkers making the most of the “dry” weather. We returned homewards at a steady pace and everyone agreed it had been an enjoyable ride regardless of the conditions.

On Admirals track we found Karl, holding his left crank arm…

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Dave's been riding seriously since about 1997 and is one of the founding Molefathers — along with Matt and Mark — that came up with the idea of a MTB website for Mole Valley riders.

He's had several different bikes but it's now mainly 29ers in Dave's stable, apart from an Orange 5.

Current Bikes: Orange 5, Salsa Spearfish and Kona Big Unit

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  1. dazzler says:

    Sounds like a bigt of a mud fest…..

    While you guys were wollowing in the mud around the north downs AJ had opted for both of us to travel to swinely and race the gorrick 100. And by the sound of your ride am happy we did as the trails they had us do were fairly dry and made a good day out on the bikes.

    Hope to see you all soon on a dryer day…..

  2. Markymark says:

    I swear the mud was worse than last sunday! At least there was no wind. Good ride thou.

    The laughter at AZ was at Karl’s expense. I did ask ‘ are you going for it mate’ to which the reponse of ‘why not’ quickly followed. I proceeded onwards but was pulled up seconds later by BigAl and Gary (then everyone else) laughing like schoolboys. Another comedy moment was Tony fighting to get his camera phone out of a sandwich bag sniffing a handy £250 from ITV and a clip for You’ve Been Framed was a sure thing. Piccies please Tony.

    It was a hard slog but the breakaway group of myself, Gary, MarkW and Dandy had a good crack on Black Heath which was bone dry compact sand through the pine woods. St Martha’s climb was unrideable half way up.

    Sorry we missed you at the cafe. Service was slow then we took the NDW/usual way back, staying high towards the scout hut instead of Collarbone.

    I clocked 25 miles.

  3. tony says:

    Hi. Sadly no view of Karl messing around in the mud on Abbas Abba. He got to the bottom OK then on the begining of the upslope the front wheel just sideways and he stacked. That wasn’t what was funny though, the hilarious part was watching him try to get back up the slope to the tree where the bike at finished up. After many comedy slides he made it. Well done!

    Otherwise it was a good ride. I even enjoyed riding the Alfine In-bred in the mud.

  4. Ray k says:

    Did I mention I’m not too keen on all that mud. Nice to finish with Pascal ,stick with me mate. However I was supprised when Pascal attacked on the slopes on the return ride from Bocketts he was obviously playing possom on the NDway. Karl thanks for the photo just like a Pro what’s the story with your Crank ? Ray K

    • Pascal says:

      I think it was a fuel pump issue – there was gas in the tank, it just wasn’t getting to the engine for large chunks of the ride!

      Thanks for showing me the route to Bockett’s, and kudos for doing that ‘pre-ride’ on a regular basis. The Garmin showed 42.1 miles when I got home!

  5. LordOnOne says:

    Nice ride even in the moist conditions! Looking in the mirror after getting back on Sunday revealed the requirement for a front mudguard of some sort.

  6. MuddyJohn says:

    My new Mud X’s have arrived, so it looks like I will be fitting them before Sunday’s ride. That should make the weather improve.

    Dave C – I may be knocking in your door to ask to use your air compressor again . . . . . please?

  7. Karl says:

    Very Happy to have provided some comedic interludes..

    A great ride with a smashing group of very Muddy Moles.. Unbelievable quantities of mud and deep gloop only added to the team spirit, and had little effect on enjoyment of the ride.

    Really thought I’d make it round the top of Abba Zabba until the earth de-materialised and my bike went with it. The ride to the bottom on my arse was quite fun.. bit like a flume at the pool. Big bruise now tho.

    Very pleased too that the crank arm lasted till 200metres before the finish of the ride.. Love a bit of luck!

    I’ll be back..

  8. KevS says:

    Was great to get out off road again and surprising to see 14 riders at Bocketts ready to roll and join the mudfest!

    My usual tactic of trying to keep bike and self clean by trying to avoid puddles only lasted for 50 mtrs before it was time to say Sod it and just plough on through every bit of deep mucky gloop. No thanks to the skinny mudguard I stole off the wife’s hybrid, I was plastered with muck in very quick time!

    I might have replied to a comment from Karl (allegedly) as we wheeled back down the Polesden road, about Dave’s 29er rolling faster than our 26er’s, something along the lines of … “greater acceleration owing to increased mass” … you can read into that what you like but I am saying no more due to the threat of litigation!

  9. Pascal says:

    Perhaps surprsingly, I thought it was rather a good ride. Starting and finishing with the group = result!

    Good on you, Karl, for having the chutzpah to give it a go on AZ – and thanks for the resultant comedy.

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