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Ride report: Wednesday 22 July – Then there were three + 1

Posted by Jem | July 23, 2009 | 9 comments so far

Last nights ride was a fast one. The Posse consisted of Dave, Irish Paul, Andy (Leeds) and Jem with 3 x full susser’s and one single speed driven by team Diesel Dave.

So Dave where do you want to go? “I fancy a variation of last weeks night ride on rigid forks!!!”

Up Crabtree Lane towards Polesden, down Yew Trees and up on to Ranmore. No stopping, the pace was good with everyone feeling in the groove. Along Badger Run and Collar Bone. The run through the trees over to Abba Zabba was fairly slippy, with the recent rain leaving an inch of mud on a hard surface below.

This was Paul’s first introduction to Abba Zabba, which he declined (sensibly) as we all did. The base certainly looked skiddy. Riding past Blind Terror 2 thinking it would be similar,we continued onto Numbskull, Dave rolled in on the rigid (respect) I followed close behind, there seemed to be some major expletives ahead of me as Dave’s bone shaker rattled it’s self to bits.

The front mudguard flew off and I narrowly missed rendering it an item for the green recycle bin. I was quite pleased on the Epic’s performance, looking down to notice the 100mm of travel had been pressed firmly home into the lower legs of the forks.

We all rode the rooty section, Paul’s new tyres seemed to have a mind of their own wanting to go faster and more bouncy than he wanted to. A tweak with pressure’s is on the cards this weekend I feel.

On the route to the base of McPhersons, Andy’s Lapierre misbehaved and played with some dog sh..t (must be a French thing). Once at the gate, the usual lifting the bike over and someone retrieving on the opposite side was met with, “you must be F….ing joking!” Oh! how the camaraderie slips by when dog doo-doo’s come into play!!

A huff and a puff up McPhersons, up onto Ranmore via John’s alternative route. Then over the road, down the descent that spits you out onto the field down by the base of Bagden Hill (the name of which escapes me), with more choice language from Diesel Dave on the bone shaker.

Up the slog to Wiggly woods, this was good value giving the Epic a workout through the twisty track with Paul in hot pursuit. His tweaks to the stem position have certainly quickened the response to the handling of his steed. Then a roll down to the chip shop. Here we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

A fairly fast ride about 16 miles, home just gone 10pm.

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  1. Colin says:

    Nice report Jemlar, almost feel like I was there meeself.

    Reading about riding is about as much as I can hope for at the mo’.

    Fair play to Dave for what he tackles on the rigid front end – I just can’t get over the mental block I have about carbon.

  2. Matt says:

    Good write up Jem, it makes a change for me not to read my own words!

    Sounds like the bike pool continues to evolve and with DD’s new machine looking possible for Sunday it seems my own fleet is getting out of a bit long in the tooth. I make it six new bikes so far from our regulars alone this year.

    Although I’m the only one with pink ano…

    Should be out Sunday, was just taking the opportunity to re-charge myself a bit last night.

  3. Dave says:

    Colin, that’s not a problem, I have some rigid steel forks you can borrow!

    I felt good to be back on the 29er again, it’s just such a sorted bike. Might need to review the front guard situation as that’s now twice I’ve lost it on the roots.

  4. Colin says:

    Yo diesel, if you are a habitual crasher, like me, or ride rigid, then the best combo seems to be crud with the NeoGuard.

  5. Dave says:

    The thought had crossed my mind but rigid forks lack the lower brace to secure the neoguard.

    Might be an option in the new 29er though….

  6. Easynow Nick says:

    Dave, you could create a lower brace just for the neoguard by pulling two black zip ties across the forks. They would be pretty much hidden by the neoprene neo guard.

  7. Jem says:

    Colin, felt like you were there anyway.

    Thanks guys for your kind words on what is my debut on a ride report.

    Be good to see you out on Sunday Matt. The feeling was a Leith Hill ride, possibly cut over to Holmbury. I would like to do the windy Willow trail if we have time.

    Any thoughts Moles?

  8. Dave says:

    Windy Willows would be good but having only ridden it once I’d not put money on my navigational skills to find it ALL again. I’m a little rusty on how we got to Deliverance 2 for example, which by all accounts is pretty overgrown anyway.

    Not sure the new 29er will be out, need a new front mech…depends on the Posty.

  9. AndyLeeds says:

    Nice ride again last night – felt like it went very quickly and I suppose we did make good time given we were all done by about 10.

    Could’ve done witout the doggy doo but small price to pay for another cracking evening. S’pose I’ll have to pay the kids an extra 50p to clean the bike now.

    Nice 29er by the way Dave. Done nothing to diffuse my growing hankering to replace my old Trek hardtail though I’m not sure I’m brave enough to think about a single speeder just yet. Quite fancy a Cotic I must admit

    Then again having only just got the Zesty last Easter I’m sure Mrs Leeds might have something to say about that

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