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Ride reports – Easter weekend 2014

Posted by DaveC | April 21, 2014 | 18 comments so far

My looks are my living
Dandy “My looks are my living” showing us once more what sartorial elegance is all about on our Easter Monday ride.

But let us start with the Good Friday ride. The ride collective consisted of myself, Matt, Kev and Jem. I’d had a vague idea to repeat the previous ride of heading over to Holmbury and doing the main trails before taking tea in Peaslake and a direct route home. The weather seemed to be on our side and whilst there was a slight chill in the air the Sun was putting up a noble fight.

Ranmore via Pampaloma, passing JR with family and friends on foot and then on towards the Abba Zabba complex. Here we met some of the Redhill CC riders having a couple of goes at clearing the tree, after a few words we headed into the chicken run and flowed it all the way to the end of Blind Terror 2. Aced!

Across Abinger Roughs and over the A25 we were setting good time as we passed the Volunteer. Matt expressed his concern I might be thinking of climbing the trail parallel to the road to the YHA. I agreed it was a tough one and headed for it. We all cleared it given the dry and grippy conditions and even had breath to exchange a few comments. Crossing Telegraph we ran parallel for a while and made our way to the top of YP. I waited at the trail head while Matt and Kev insisted on heading as far as the Trig Point. Whatever.

YP flowed well and it’s a real joy to ride it with no mud. We then took in the joys of Crack Pipe again (Jem’s first time, 2nd for the rest of us) and I confidently nailed it compared to following BigAl the previous week. Matt needs to get his Five out of the garage to really enjoy it though!

Telegraph Row was our next trail, entered by the Secret Squirrel, and ridden hard all the way to the YHA. We then ducked left and took in a little rooty line before heading back towards the Reservoir. BKB was promptly despatched but the final berm now really needs some serious maintenance. Tea.

“Sausage and Leek slice times four please”, it was that sort of day. Redhill CC turned up again, more Cove Stiffee’s than ever seen in one place and just as we were about to head off I saw a “fresh from the airport” Amanda, unloading her Devinci. Adam also turned up rocking a nicely smooth, coil shocked 26″ Spesh Enduro to show the small wheel size isn’t dead. Mr Degg of the Bike Beans collective also showed up but by then we really needed to head off so we said our goodbyes and hit the road.


We headed back to Ranmore and went out Lower Med, deciding to show Jem the delights of Golden Nugget before opting to climb the bridleway through Polesden and then home. Some 28 Miles I think and by the time we hit Polesden the wind was starting to chill. A great ride though.

PS. To the chap who introduced himself to myself and Cathie in the garden centre on Friday, apologies if I seemed distant, please do get in touch, I was just knackered from the ride!

Monday 21st April – Easter Monday

Having already exposed you to Dandy and I’ll do it again.

OK, now you’re all safe.

I’ve been wanting to go our Reigate loop since I started riding again in late January but for one reason or another I had to wait until the end of April to get there. Even that was almost Leith Hill again this morning. Overall though I think the densely packed Bluebell woods were treat enough for the ride to be worthwhile. RichieRich, Dandy, JR and myself headed out at a Bank Holiday friendly 9am.

The mist was still settled as we met at Bocketts and headed for Alsation but I missed my “moles in the mist” photo so I’ll show you a photo of JR in the bluebells instead.


Our Classic route had us in to Headly common soon enough and then the dismay of no Ali and her food wagon settled in. There was some concern we would have to use Urban Kitchen at Reigate but I wasn’t sure I had enough money with me for that…

Trails had a dry line, either from walkers or bikers, but fences lay strewn everywhere once we reached the exposed ridge. By the time we came out onto the Hill itself the sun was shining and everyone seemed happy enough. We took in our little loop of Gatton park, whoops here’s another photo of Dandy.

Dandy Down

Shortly after this photo was taken Dandy was pursued by a Jack Russell at warp speed, we’re not sure why, other than it was a Jack Russell being passed at speed. Then the climb.

I’ve been highly critical of prices at Urban Kitchen on this site but credit where credit is due, I have to say that their Hot Chocolate was second to none. Pricey yes but compared to the cup of froth you get at Leith Hill Tower I’ll pay the extra.

Homeward bound we took our normal route, over the M25, through some more bluebell woods before crossing the Walton on the Hill golf course and heading back to Headley. Here we found Ali had set up and JR and Dandy confirmed that she is always set up by 10:30am, every day except Monday (although I guess Bank Holiday’s are the exception!) We know next time!

Another fine ride with the Sun beating down for most of it. Cracking.

NB: Other Moles were out on other rides during the weekend and may well comment below!

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Dave's been riding seriously since about 1997 and is one of the founding Molefathers — along with Matt and Mark — that came up with the idea of a MTB website for Mole Valley riders.

He's had several different bikes but it's now mainly 29ers in Dave's stable, apart from an Orange 5.

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  1. Ajkiwi says:

    Hey guys was awesome to see you all hoping to be out on Wednesday so see ya then

  2. JR says:

    Ali at Headley said every day except Monday.

  3. Dandy says:

    I very much enjoyed the bluebell fest that we experienced this morning. A great ride in great company, completely different from Saturday’s ‘jump fest’, and it just shows how much I enjoy mtb’ing in all it’s forms. You don’t get into those bluebell woods on a road ride 😉

  4. KevS says:

    Just hauled myself out of my death bed, viewed the ride reports, saw the images and had a total relapse!

    Dandy’s shirt accessorizes the bluebells to an almost zen like state! 😉
    However, JR’s deportment at Headley clearly needs to be fixed by a visit to St Teresa’s school for gals as his open all access seating position is in need of some finishing school fine tuning!

  5. KevS says:

    Oh and Gok!
    Clearly, you have been “finished” at St Teresa’s school for gals as your carefully staged fashionista poses carry an air of refinement.

    Aaaaaargh, nurse, time for my medication …. 🙁

  6. Karl says:

    I am disappointed not to have been able to join the Moles this Bank Holiday weekend, and would certainly have enjoyed the ‘Bluebell’ ride. Nice write up and pictures Dave.

    As it turned out, I got out three times, but two were local, and the Sunday ride was with Wobbem’s gnarly crew, joined by Big Al, D’Andy, and for a short stretch, Jonesey. Had a nagging urge to do jumps and drops and did indeed fill my boots with such, following the lead of Wob and Moontang. Managed to do everything they did (perhaps not quite as well). but with much glee. No crashes either… Oh, apart from one where my front tyre blew and put me on the deck on Slaag on a sharp turn. No biggie, and many thanks to D’Andy for the trailside assistance.

    As D’Andy says above, and I imagine, most of us do, I love all kinds of MTB’ing, and my ride with the wife at a considerably more genteel pace today was no less enjoyable. Not quite as adrenaline fuelled but very relaxing.

    With 3 rides a week lately, the old fitness seems to have ameliorated a bit, and I have rather taken (somewhat belatedly) to single-speeding. Tally Ho.

    Kev, glad you’re on the improve, and hope to see you all again very soon.

  7. Jem says:

    Good ride On Friday, splendid to be out with original Moles once again, certainly realised what I have been missing for so long.

    really glad I bought my new bike! 🙂

  8. Andrew AKAK says:

    I quite like the bluebell pattern camo but what’s with the corner frame bag?

  9. Matt says:

    I would have come out if the Reigate run was a defo, there was too much talk on the forum about Leith and I was pretty tired after Friday’s hoonage at Holmbury. Did enjoy myself though on Friday, the Kona feels excellent with the new tyres.

    It looks from the pics like you’re all a bit giddy with spring, whoever snapped them caught the inner person just right I think!!

  10. Lee says:

    Managed to sneak a ride on Saturday following in the tyre tracks of Friday’s lead-out group (though a more sanitized version). Slightly marred by a double tubeless failure of sorts on both runs of BKB. First the rear rolled off the rim requiring a mini pump marathon and on the second run down the front did the same and dumped me in the pine straw. Perhaps they just didn’t seat right with my track pump, weird? Ran them rock hard after that which somewhat spoilt the ride thereafter but didn’t fancy another off on my own. Stuck to the road on Monday for a hilly Easter egg calorie burn.

  11. paul901 says:

    Viewed on the smaller screen of a smartphone D’Andy appears to be wearing a Smarties easter egg wrapper. Chapeau sir for marking the occasion with usual style!

  12. tony says:

    It looks to me like D’Andy is just about to take a bow after surviving a particularly impressive “dismount” (aka crash) having seen that expression before 🙂

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