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Thoughts on this weeks night ride

Posted by Colin | April 11, 2008 | Leave a comment

The Muddymoles night ride last night really seemed to put a line in the sand in many ways.

Not only was it a bit of a comeback ride for many of us who’ve slacked of late due to illness, family and working excuses/commitments, but a couple of significant other things happened, namely:

  1. The sun was out
  2. The trails were dry
  3. It was the first night ride to start in daylight

So what? Well, it made me feel like winter was very much behind us and, call me an optimistic dreamer, I’m now really looking forward to getting in a lot of riding this year in great conditions and with good company.

So the eight of us headed out for a blinding ride and the weather conditions couldn’t have been more different to my ride last Sunday up at Leith Hill with some of the DoaMTB crew.

Also, you think you know an area well but we finished off the ride last night with a new-to-me downhill stretch in Norbury Park that is possibly one of the best (if a little short) DH sections in the area with massive root infested turns to hammer over.

The great thing about being an MTB Whore (as a friend once called me) is you get to learn new routes or trails that you never knew existed by riding with new people.

I was buzzing when I got home, so much so that when the baby woke at 1:30am, I was actually the first to respond and that doesn’t happen often. Maybe my ever-suffering wife will make the link between me getting my fix and being more helpful. It’s a tenuous one I know, but hey who cares, if it means me riding with her blessing then that’ll do me just fine.

Roll on summer…

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