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Time for the skills of old

Posted by Mark | July 1, 2010 | 4 comments so far

Before the proper ride report makes it on to the site I thought I would throw in a few words about my bike experience last night (and to prove that I am still alive!)

Finding myself with 30 minutes to spare between getting in from work and having to pick up my eldest daughter from Brownies, I decided to jump on my 30 ton Blue Bomber and go for a quick blast round to shake the limbs free.

The route was fairly simple, up the Mount, along toward Effingham, down past Manor House school, down to Bookham Common, across the Common and home. A slightly over optimistic evaluation of the time it would take me to get home meant I was the last parent to arrive at Brownies, finding Brown Owl and my daughter sitting on the steps waiting.

After apologising and thanking Brown Owl, Katie and I set off for home. When we were out of sight of Brown Owl I was struck by the thought we could get home quicker if we both rode on my bike. What a great plan it would have been if only I could have remembered the age old art of “giving a backie”.

Eventually the dim distant “who goes in front, who goes behind” logic returned to me, and with much screaming and giggling, Katie and I set off down the road home, arriving safe and sound 5 minutes later.

Why is the backie never taught at bike skills days I wonder? What better way of teaching balance and weight control on your bike could there be than trying to ride along the road with two people on the same bike!

It was real Old School cycling, and not to be mentioned to my wife, or I’ll never hear the end of it.

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  1. Matt says:

    Mark, you’ve just transported me back a [mumble] few years to my youth, what a great experience for Katie.

    I would always prefer the benefits of a chopper-style saddle for backies but that’s just a luxury.

    Oh dear, a ‘what bike for backies?’ discussion…

  2. jamesproh says:

    Your bike is only designed for one person. Your child was in mortal danger…helmet…..the world has gone mad…..sit her on the bars!!! Not tried this as we have 2 kids and would both want a go.

  3. Mark says:

    Good point James, I had not properly studied the full H&S implications. What would the Daily Mail say?

    Thank God no one has every caught me giving all 3 of my kids a ride up and down the garden in the wheelbarrow!

  4. DaveW says:

    I’m with James on this. Disgusting behaviour.

    You wouldn’t, for example, catch me riding down a hill on the pavement on a tiny wooden balance bike with my 3 year old riding on my shoulders, the both of us giggling with glee…

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