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Wednesday 28th July, short but sweet

Posted by Tony | July 28, 2011 | 3 comments so far

It’s been ages since I was out on a Wednesday night ride but working from home this wednesday and with the weather being great it was time to get out and dust off the lights.

When I arrived at the Hylands  garage MarkyMark, Dan, Tommo (and Tommo?) were already there. Dave turned up a moment later on his Salsa Spearfish and we were ready to roll. It wasn’t even 7:40! So sorry if anyone turned up late.

After the briefiest of route choice chats we decided to head up to around Hedley with the thought that some of the trials there would be in fine condition.

Dave led us off and we headed along the Admirals trackway, down to the Bocketts car park and instead of heading down the tarmac we threaded through the vegitation along “Orchard”. Named by us now due to apple tree on the way down and the amount apple pulp I ingested follwoing Dave.

Although a great little track, it is getting a reputation as a pucture hotspot, with Tommo (Norco) puncturing as Dave did on Sunday. It a particularly dispiriting place to puncture since it’s so early in the ride.

We were soon on our way again and we headed down past the water works to the green tunnel of Alasation (which we rode up steadily), then it was a right turn (clyde) onto Staine street. The trails had dried out even since sunday and we were able to hoon it down the dips (nice jump Dan!) and roll up the other sides. It was even max speed as we hit the bermer final corner to take us up to the gallops.

We then noodled along the bridleway that brings you out onto the gallops (where there seemed to be lots of people walking big dogs??) and dropped down to Chainbreaker. Chainbreaker was excellent. Not too dusty with a tiny bit of moisture to make the corners a controlable drift. I could sense MarkyMark just behing me all the way and I tried to keep the speed up. Hopefully I wasn’t holding anyone up.

Then it was across the road to High Ashurst or C1 (in MarkyMark’s hill classification system). I led up fairly steadily at the bottom but found plenty in reserve for the rooty bits and cleaned it all no problem. As did MarkyMark right behind me. At the top we stopped to chat and agreed that the SDW ride had given us an extra dose of leg power and the local climbs all seemed a gear or two easier. Dave soon appeared, with MarkyMark and I wondering whether he’d need an oxygen mask. He was happy though – another cleaned run.

Once we re-grouped we headed up to the Box Hill road and along to China Pig. Again it was a trail in it’s finest form and max speed was dialled in. In fact the dry surface made me almost overcook a couple of corners as I headed in with waaay too much speed. Dan showed us the way with a clean on the off camber roots near the end. For a few of the group it was their first run down China pig and everyone agreed it’s one of Surrey’s finest.

We spun along the road to Mickleham bends, headed over the road and up to Norbury park. MarkyMark and I with our new SDW fitness spun off ahead and were startled by a roe deer standing not more that 20ft away on the brow of the hill above us. It looked like a statue.

We edged round along Norbury park and down to Infestation (sorry for those who followed me the wrong way). Where we split up and I headed to Bocketts car park and the road down to home.

Overall a short and very sweet ride.

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  1. Dave says:

    Short and sweet, the way night rides used to be!

    MarkyMark has a special way with his “Hill Classification system”

  2. Gordo says:

    I rode up “the Orchard” on Monday evening and could well understand how it is punctureland – there are so many flints on the bottom section I was pleased to get back to Bookham without needing a repair.

  3. Markymark says:

    A very very nice evening ride, mild and wind-less (and i dont mean just because DaveW was absent!) About 14 miles i believe and top-notch condition.

    In our HCS (Hill Classification System) we did indeed clear C1 (i wont elaborate here, most of you know what it means!). Along with Tony I really am feeling on top form after the SDW, and seem to have endless endurance power in my legs (i hope it lasts).

    Great to see so much wildlife, the deers seem to be plentiful and it was a real treat to see one so close-up and observing us on the Norbury climb.

    Tommo’s puncture was really down low tyre pressure – a 2 inch pinch flat. I don’t know about you guys but in these dry compact conditions i’m running 35-40 psi front + back (usually a little less in the softer winter conditions for extra grip). Havent had a puncture for ages – the Schwalbe Nobby Nic 2.25 DDs are proving grippy and bomb-proof at the moment.

    Planning to lap it up in these dry conditions, so see you sunday…

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