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2009 bike mileage

Posted by Matt | January 2, 2009 | 2 comments so far

Considering the amount of effort we put in riding our bikes (some more than others!), it’s always nice to be able to relate that to the real world. Normally I keep track of my annual mileage but last year was an exception. Not only did I fail to note the readings at the beginning of the year but I lost a chunk of riding time at several points in the year.

So for 2008 my stats read: Not as much as they should.

For 2009 I’ve got a bit of a project in mind regarding keeping track of metrics which you’ll have to wait until year end for me to update you on. Suffice to say if you have any interest in pointless riding stats then come year end, I’m your man. It should be a window into the inane.

Having said that, I’m going to publish my bike computer readings for the start of 2009 and was wondering if anyone else would like me to do the same? The table below will set out everyone’s start stats, just email (ma at muddymoles dot org dot uk) to get yours added to the table.

My only caveat is this isn’t a competition. There’s always someone who will ride further, faster and longer than you and in this case, it’s another Matt entirely (yes, he really did ride 10,200 miles last year).

2009 riding miles
Rider Bike Start mileage End mileage Total mileage
All figures in miles. We promise not to publish your surname or email address.
Matt Orange Five SE 1303 TBA TBA
Matt On–one Inbred classic 653 TBA TBA
Dave Orange Five 1618 TBA TBA
Dave On–one Inbred 29er slot drop–out 819 TBA TBA
Dave On–one Inbred 456 2410 TBA TBA


About the author

Matt is one of the founding Molefathers of the Muddymoles, and is the designer and main administrator of the website.

Having ridden a 2007 Orange Five for many years then a 2016 YT Industries Jeffsy 29er, he now rocks a Bird Aether 9 and a Pace RC-627.

An early On-One Inbred still lurks in the back of the stable as a reminder of how things have moved on. You can even find him on road bikes - currently a 2019 Cannondale Topstone 105 SE, a much-used 2011 Specialized Secteur and very niche belt drive Trek District 1.

If you've ever wondered how we got into mountain biking and how the MuddyMoles started, well wonder no more.

There are 2 comments on ‘2009 bike mileage’

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  1. Colin says:

    Stats, you want stats for 2008?

    • 1300 MTB miles
    • 1000 with gears, 300 without
    • 78 rideouts, of which 33 night rides
    • 49 with the Muddymoles
    • Best month September (170 miles)
    • Worst month March (57 miles due to shite weather and man–flu)
    • MTB–related spend £XXX (classified info — my wife can use the internet you know!)

    I most certainly suffer from MTB OCD but then if you’re reading this, you probably do too or are in the early stages.

    Glad we’re not the only ones to keep a record Matt. I expect many more do but haven’t ‘come out’ yet!

  2. Matt says:

    They know who they are Colin…

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