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Back from the Fracture clinic

Posted by Matt | July 25, 2008 | 8 comments so far

Well, I’m back from the Fracture clinic at East Surrey Hospital near Redhill, 12 days after my accident. I have to admit to feeling slightly disappointed as my expectation was they were going to x-ray the break again and evaluate how the healing process was going.

Having got there at 9:00 we soon got to see the consultant (as an aside, God what a bleak place East Surrey is). It wasn’t long before we were in front of the consultant, but then it wasn’t long before were leaving too.

A cursory feel of the break, a couple of efforts to demonstrate the arm could be lifted (partially) in two different arcs and then instruction to start the rehabilitation exercises in ten days time and the news I needed to keep the sling on for five more weeks! So that would be seven weeks in the sling in total.

After five weeks I’m also supposed to return for a promised x-ray and a clinical decision on how its mending. Now I may be missing something but I feel a bit shortchanged. If the break is serious enough to warrant seven weeks in a sling, then surely the time to be looking at it in detail would be now, not later? I’m after the best possible outcome so that its fixed properly, not a fudge up and the realisation that it’ll never be the same again. I was also told that getting mobility back into my elbow after that time might be an issue!!

But so far, the opportunity to have that discussion isn’t available. Now that the healing process is underway there’s a big lump in my collarbone, which I understand is inevitable but will the repaired bone really be good enough? Is it seated in the shoulder sufficiently for a full range of movement in the future? Certainly from here the lump won’t diminish, the bone will just get stronger around it.

I’ve got Private Medical Cover through my employer. Up to now I haven’t bothered because I figured there isn’t much that can be done straight off. Now I’m not so sure. I want to see what’s happening in there and talk to someone who is prepared to explain any options available so a decision can be made.

I don’t want to get to accident date + seven weeks to hear either ‘it’s not great but it’ll do’ or ‘Hmmm, nope we’ll have to do something more’. Otherwise I’ll be looking at an even longer recovery time.

One final thing. Boy did my shoulder feel weedy after trying to lift and move my arm. Them things are heavy!

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  1. Jem says:


    You have private health cover. USE IT, USE IT, USE IT,you have it for these sort of circumstances. I would certainly explore the option, maybe speak to your Doctor about your concerns, its your body.

    Having used private cover in the past myself, i truly believe that you are treated in a different way. The consultant is charging top dollar for his time in the consultation and the necessary procedure from there on. With national health they dont have as much time or funding to give the best available treatment.

    Go with your gut instinct, you have nothing to loose.

    Best regards Jem

  2. matt says:

    Matt use your health cover if you wish, don’ be shy on that.

    I broke both my wrists (separately) riding, I was treated at East Surrey on NHS and it came out OK – tho there was some luck (& some surgical skill) involved, the first break was pretty nasty.

    The most painful part (way more than the break) was the physio …

  3. Matt says:

    Thanks for your thoughts guys. I think you can see where I’m leaning and will check out the medical insurance option.

    In a way, I’m almost frightened to do it because I don’t want an op but hopefully it will just confirm that things are on the right track.

    Could definitely do with some physio though – I’m already struggling to extend my arm fully.

  4. Andy says:

    Use the private medical. When I did my thumb I ended up getting it done privately. Was the first person to get a new 1.2 mm titanium screw in the UK, would have had to have another op to remove the “normal” screw if I had stuck with the NHS. On top of that I was in physio two days later. Got seen once a week for the next six weeks and it healed up really well. Had laser treatment on the scars as well.

    If you have it, use it.

  5. Colin says:

    Hi Matt, like others I urge you to make full use of your private medical cover – the treatment will be far superior for the best long term fix.

    NHS keep you waiting for weeks to see if how it heals before physio, by which time its too late!

    If you go private they will probably operate to pin/plate it and you’ll be back to full health much much quicker.

    A good physio at this early stage can be more useful than even a consultant from my experience.

  6. Louis says:

    I’d use the private health cover if you’ve got it, otherwise what’s the use in having it.

    Regarding x-rays bear in mind that they’re radioactive and therefore you don’t want more of them than you need (not so much with your shoulder but definitely anywhere near your groin you want as few as you can get). Giving them the benefit of the doubt maybe that’s one of the reasons they don’t x-ray continually.

  7. Muddymoles says:

    An unscheduled trip to the Fracture clinic

    Another visit to the Fracture clinic at East Surrey gives Matt a more positive outcome.

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