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Danny ‘Ponch’ and his golden helmet

Posted by Matt | January 6, 2012 | 6 comments so far

Frank Poncherella of the California Highway Patrol (CHiPs)

Poor DannyP has seemingly* now recovered from his unfortunate mountain biking accident and on Wednesday night’s ride he was proudly showing off his new helmet (yikes).

Before you get the wrong idea, it was the new Urge Endur-o-matic pot-styled crash helmet which is the first time I’ve seen one.

It’s quite an unusual choice as it looks quite warm but Danny obviously knows a thing or two from his snowboard days and it certainly looks quite striking.

Finished in Flash Sand, which to be honest means ‘shiny gold’, it reminded us of only one thing which was the gold crash helmet worn by Frank Poncherella of CHiPs fame. You can see that from the picture right?

It seems the P in Danny’s name stands for ‘Ponch’. That might catch on…

* Seemingly. I’m not asking for evidence.

Urge Endur-o-matic


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There are 6 comments on ‘Danny ‘Ponch’ and his golden helmet’

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  1. StevenD says:

    The style is very similar to my skate helmet (I used to inline skate rather than skateboard) 😮 and which I am/was thinking about using again as I could mount my contour camera at eye level. I am not sure I could carry off gold, but at least it is glitter-free. Is DannyP trying to out-style Dandy ? 😆

  2. Believe me, it wasn’t that bold and shiny as I got it out for the rather attractive student nurse at A&E!

    Seriously though, it’s an awesome bit of kit. Light, not at all hot and gives loads of side protection, should you ever need it. Can be tricky to fit a light to, but am quite happy rocking a bar light right now.

    Can be found on Ebay for as little as £49.99 but the new ones are on the way, bringing a load more colour choices.

    Gold is the only colour for Ponch!

  3. Dave says:

    Oh lord, has Dandy seen this yet?

  4. Markymark says:

    No doubt Dandy’s gonna get a glitter green one and a pair of Timmy Mallet glasses just to finish off the Dandy kit!

  5. tony says:

    I just checked on the Urge website and sadly the Enduro-matic is not available in plaid or tartan (maybe for 2013). It is available in lurid green though which should clash nicely with D’Andy’s other riding gear and ensure that he looks his best when he’s next carried into A&E.

    BTW I don’t think that Poncho would get that Hog through Wiggly Wood.

  6. Dandy says:

    Strangely enough (or maybe not), I was trying on Urge helmets in Cycleopedia yesterday morning, as I was picking up my much-battered Pace 506 (gold-themed, as you may recall). But this was just to check out their sizing (I’m Small to Medium on the helmet front ! )

    I have been thinking of purchasing the Archi-Enduro helmet to replace the Met Parachute, and had discussed with Danny just how cool (temperature, not style) they were. I’ve also seen that their new All-Mountain helmet is due out soon (probably March).

    I guess that ultimately it will come down to which ones have the prettiest colours 😉

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