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Dusk ‘til Dawn Approaching… Fast

Posted by Colin | September 25, 2009 | 4 comments so far

As you’ll be aware d2d is rapidly approaching and we’re all pretty excited by it. What were once casual rides have subtly taken on a new complexion as we have been trying, almost subconsciously, to get ourselves fitter. I’ve carried on riding through a chesty cold so my fitness (its relative, ok!) doesn’t fall back too much and even started going to the gym again, at long last.

Team line-ups are still a little uncertain – will Tony’s healing collarbone be ready in time? Will Jem and Bazza, they of fitness levels right up there with butchers dogs, want to be saddled with me?

I hope they don’t petition for a team change on the grounds I may drop them back down the field but I’m confident I’m not going to let them down. I’ll volunteer for the first stint – why waste their fitness on the first lap bottlenecks?

I figure I can adopt wide elbows and barge my way through a bit and then apply some of the overtaking skills and tactics used on the motorbike track days to make up time and pass a few folks.

Then, whilst I may be a bit slower on the climbs, (there aren’t long drags anyway at Thetford), I do like to turn up the wick on the downhill sections and reckon there’s more time to be had there.

I reckon after my first lap, there’ll be one flying (again, relative) lap and then hand over to the proper fit guys in the diminutive shapes of Jem and Bazza, both of whom are capable of sustained speed and endurance on a bike, as well as in the bar!

Hopefully, they’ll rack up the laps and then I hope to do a final flyer myself before 8am beckons.

What will actually happen of course is entirely different, but its fun trying to predict.

Despite Lee’s best efforts by circulating a kit list, we haven’t even decided who’s taking who and what provisions to take. I’ve also noticed that, as with our trip to Afan last year, the looroll has once again been overlooked!

So rider and team tactics are a long way down the list but I wonder what the others may have been mulling over?

Whatever happens, its sure to be a fantastic weekend and as with all rides, there’ll be lots to reflect on once the dusk (oh that’s bad) has settled.


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  1. Jez says:

    woo, hoo. not long to go now. it should be a laugh for Team Mole to hit the race circuit.

    do we have a book running yet on fastest lap? I have my money on Barrie but Tony could have been on the turbo trainer and is a bit of a wildcard. I’m sure you’ll be up there Stig! Once you cross the line I reckon the adrenalin will start pumping.

  2. Matt says:

    Yep, feeling quite excited too. It’s amazing what happens when you strap a number to someone, suddenly the suppressed ‘athlete’ comes out!

    Actually this focus has definitely helped my overall fitness, there’s nothing like having a goal even though we’re only aiming for a class win (in a class of one that is!).

    As for your race tactics Colin, not sure I’d like to be on the same lap as you! I reckon the time gains are in the climbing, downhill you’re limited by gears and physics. Downhill everyone’s speed is within a narrow range even if you cover mincing to all-out-risk-your-cojones.

    Uphill is where the biggest disparity is and it’s uphill where you can make up a lot of time.

    But don’t expect me to do it ;o)

  3. Colin says:

    Banzai !

    You’re probably right Matt, that’s my cunning plan out of the window then.

    Best watch loads of Wacky Races this weekend for some tips from Dick Dastardly.

    I wonder if anyone has ever been black-flagged in d2d for discourteous racecraft and endangering fellow competitors ?

  4. tony says:

    I wish I’d been hitting the turbo. Just getting over a horrible cold so not even any turbo training yet! I’ll be taking a leisurely view of the Thetford vistas as I mootle round 🙂

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