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Eager anticipation

Posted by Mark | August 18, 2007 | Leave a comment

On-one Inbred 456 2007
Following on from my recent post my fabled and much begged for new frame has arrived (thanks Emily – who could ask for a more understanding wife!).

At Matt’s suggestion I am going to take plenty of pictures of the dismantling of my current bike, and the build up of my new bike, and no doubt bore the pants off everybody with a long litany of posts about how things are going.

The build up process has already got off to a good start. Matt has offered me the use of his ‘Zen like’ garage (yes he tidied it up and sorted it out), whereas Dave has just sold his yellow roller skate (sorry Caterham Seven) and now has a big space in his garage.

Following tradition, this means Dave needs to fill the gap in his garage with another bike. So by building up my bike at Dave’s, it will at least save him from the need to immediately buy himself another niche machine. Given his current collection of bikes, this could have been a problem as his only real possibilities are a road bike or a tandem. Or possibly a unicycle?

To start the process of I have posted a few pictures of the Inbred 456 to Flickr showing the frame in its box, and still all wrapped up in its protective blanket of bubble wrap and polythene.

Let the bike building begin!


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