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Excuse Me While I Offload

Posted by Colin | March 28, 2008 | 2 comments so far

One of my 2008 resolutions was to get out and ride more instead of just thinking about it, and I intend to rack up at least 1000 MTB miles.

The year has started quite well and I’m just under the 300 mark – on target so far.


I made the fatal mistake of commenting to Matt a few weeks back that we’d been really lucky with the weather and no winter/evening rides had been rained off.

Yes, sorry folks, the pants weather is my fault.

I’ve got to that point of the year when cold, wind and rain are just starting to really get on my nerves. The novelty of knee-deep mud and rekindling those youthful days of returning home caked in crap has now entirely worn off.

I did a 10K run a couple of weeks ago for sport relief (if you want to donate please feel free, its a great cause) and since then, thanks to weather, work commitments and chicken pox going through my kids, I’ve not done any form of fitness workout.

Its now approaching 3 weeks since I threw a leg over the bike and its getting to that stage where I almost don’t want to, for fear of how things have deteriorated.

Still, an MTB trip to Wales in the pipeline (which will no doubt be a rainfest – we are talking about Wales here after all) should give me the motivation to get going again along with the [optimistic] thought of a change for the good in the weather. It can’t get any worse can it..?


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  1. Muddymoles says:

    There’s one born every minute

    April Foolery for April Fools!

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