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Getting Turbo Trainer ready – tired Campagnolo chain and chainring!

Posted by Matt | September 17, 2020 | Leave a comment

Worn out Campagnolo chain
After 6000 miles, I probably need to replace the chain!

Yes, I know the bike needs a clean. In fact, I’m way ahead of you, the bike as we speak has been given a requisite wipe down after not having turned a wheel for 18 months.

Partly, that’s because I’ve been loving my gravel adventures on my Topstone. But the real reason is the Specialized Secteur I’ve had since 2011, which has covered close to 13,000 miles in all weathers, has become due (overdue?) for a revamp. Not wishing to spend good money on an old bike at the time, it has just sat in my garage since April 2019.

Back in 2015 – some 6000 miles ago – I replaced the original SRAM Apex groupset with a 10-speed Campagnolo Veloce set-up. It’s been an excellent groupset, even if it feels a bit cheap in places. I’d love a mid-range Campagnolo gruppo but it’s wasted on the frame really.

So what has changed?

Recently I’ve discovered a reason to show the Secteur some love. I have decided the time has come to set myself up with a decent turbo trainer to get with the Zwifting zeitgeist and build a proper fitness baseline. The old dad-bod is at risk without a more methodical approach to training, especially now that the office commute is on hold.

As you can see from the picture, the chain and chainring are fit only for the bin, and a replacement cassette is an obvious requirement. In addition to all that (which soon adds up money-wise), I’ve replaced the brake shoes for when the roads are dry.

I’ve also treated myself to a new pair of shifters after a bit of ham-fistedness replacing a brake cable a couple of years ago. The parts are just about still available, but the cost is so close to replacing both shifters with new ones it’s not worth it. At least the bike will feel like new with that lot replaced, even if new circa 2015.

I’ve taken the bike round the block, with the tubeless tyres simply needing a ten minute spin to hold air again. In comparison to my Topstone it’s like walking on granite chips after bubble wrap but at least it is turbo fit, even if I’m not yet.

I’ll keep you informed when I bite the turbo bullet – won’t be long now…

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