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Help with commuting by bike

Posted by Matt | August 28, 2007 | 1 comment so far

At various times in the past I’ve commuted by bike into work. For a variety of reasons over the past 18 months I’ve not done so, chief among them being that I now work an approximately 30 mile round trip from work. On top of that, the whole process takes so much organisation – making sure you have the right clothing to wear (see option 10) when you get to work, getting up earlier to ride in, keeping some showering gear at work, having sufficient lighting to get you to and from work etc.

In short, it’s a pain but worthwhile, even if it’s just being able to sit at work feeling just a little more smug than usual knowing you’ve just covered 15-odd miles on your bike. I was thinking that a reliable spell of warm weather over the summer might encourage me to ride in at least once a week but so far I remain steadfastly committed to my car as transport.

Even so, every little incentive helps. And in the States, reports Pinch Flat News, they have a great (if somewhat under-publicised) scheme running that helps bike and ‘alternative transport’ commuters get free cab rides home if they have an emergency and need to get home quick.

What a good idea though. And why stop there? Why not give ‘alternative transport’ users over here a certain number of free cab rides per year, but let them spend it as they see fit and not just use for emergencies? Seems like a great incentive which probably wouldn’t end up costing the Treasury much money at all but give a lot of flexibility.

Who says there’s no such thing as a free ride after all?

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  1. Rob Eatwell says:

    I have been commuting to work for the last 3 weeks and it is a pain, as you say, but well worth it as I have seen a considerable improvement in my fitness.This makes my weekend hacks around the Surrey Hills a lot more enjoyable.

    I converted my old MTB with a set of slicks and some great value Smart lights from CRC for the darker rides home. I carry a water bottle on the frame to reduce the weight of the Camelbak, as that has a few work things tucked away and a waterproof just in case.

    I bought some shower gel (no shampoo required as I am considerably challenged in the follicle department!) and some anti perspirant to leave at work along with toothpaste/brush – my whole bathroom routine is done at work which means I leave my house 15 mins after waking up!

    On the last working day of the week I drive in to take a supply of clean shirts/undies etc. and take home the dirty stuff.

    This generally means I ride in 4 days a week, totalling 105 miles and taking in 4 ascents of Pebble Hill as I live in Brockham and work in Cheam!

    The only time I dont ride is if it is p***ing down with rain – that just isn’t fun!

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