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I just need to share this with you

Posted by Colin | January 18, 2010 | 2 comments so far

I’ve lifted these comments by ‘Davebus’ courtesy of our buddies at DoMTB. They’re just too funny (and relevant) not to share. Credit to muddyfox for not yet giving me permission to abuse his copyright !!


Low mud routes or ‘LMR’ is a winter initiative set up by Winter Off-road Mountain Bikers against Tarmac Syndrome or ‘WOMBATS’ to help some Mountain Bikers who suffer from Winter Associated Ride Tardiness Syndrome or ‘WARTS’ as it is better known.

Causes of Mountain Bikers suffering from WARTS are normally all weather related for example too much Rain. For some Mountain Bikers who really suffer badly with WARTS it can be the stress of too much Mud on the trails.

WOMBATS may see fellow Mountain bikers suffering WARTS expressed through these usual symptoms… Colds and Man Flu, Road riding with their roadie mates, Acute Mechanical failure and Personal problems preventing them getting out for a ride or ‘CRAP’ for short.

However there is now a cure in the form of a set of actions that most riders suffering from WARTS can use to join the ranks of WOMBATS out winter trail riding. These are… Forget about the rain, Use the trails what ever the weather, Cancel any road rides, Know that mud can be washed away.

In short to sum up….

Mountain bikers suffering from WARTS who don’t give a CRAP and don’t want to join a bunch of WOMBATS should stay in and F#@K instead.


Classic stuff


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There are 2 comments on ‘I just need to share this with you’

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  1. Matt says:

    Any chance you think Davebus might have swallowed some of that mud – and that there was something in it?!

    Good work Dave, very leftfield. Shows once and for all that MTB’ers are not right in the head! (Hope to see you out soon btw).

    Just to be fair Colin, I assume you’ve contacted Muddy to check it’s OK? For completeness I’ve linked to the original thread.

  2. Colin says:

    Can’t see it being an issue as I know he’s a regular reader and its a bit of linkage

    We can always remove if there’s objection

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