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I’m in FineFettle

Posted by DaveC | April 14, 2011 | 1 comment so far

Having suffered on and off for the last few years with hip pain I went in search of another solution after a recommendation from fellow Mole.

Finefettle in Bookham

FineFettle describe themselves as a mulit-healthcare clinic and is based in Bookham, Surrey. Helen who owns the practice has attended some of Tim’s charity bike rides to provide support and he highly recommends the practice.

I phoned and Helen answered the phone, I explained I’d been recommended but had not had any long term or real solution to my hip problem. Helen was on reception that morning and hence could not see me herself but suggested I came in to see Jan, one of her ex-students.

So I duly presented myself and found the whole operation smart and professional. You can read on their website the whole spectrum of therapies that they offer and being a practising Counsellor myself I soon got into a conversation with Helen about how that was working for them. Jan arrived promptly with her previous client and after a short wait while she prepared the room I was called in.

So I explained my issue and Jan took a brief medical history before examining me for obvious issues. Jan noticed that there could be a slight loss of height between two vertabra, my hips were rotatated and she felt my main issue was muscular, requiring stretches.

So began a number of weeks of stretches at home followed by visits to Jan to have more powerful stretches administered and posture and flexibility checked. I’ve been down this road before with Osteopaths and not really got anyware but as Jan took the time to explain my condition and why the “homework” was so important I really felt that I would get somewhere. And somewhere I got.

It’s been a few months not since my first visit and I’m waking up in the morning and not being hit with the hip pain straight anymore. I know I need to keep stretching and building core muscles up to aid posture but I can deal with that. What worked for me was the honest approach and clear diagnosis. FineFettle offer so many therapies that if this hadn’t worked I could have tried an alternative which may have worked better, but I think I’ve found my answer for now and it feels great!

If you’re local, give them a call. Mention Muddymoles but I want to point out that I have recieved nothing for this review, it is my honest opinion and nothing more.

I am in FineFettle

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  1. Matt says:

    I agree with you Dave that understanding the underlying cause of a problem helps enormously in treating it.

    I’ve been to Osteos and Physios over the years who tend to treat the immediate symptoms without getting to the root cause. After a decade of migraines it was my dentist who solved the problem permanently and thank God she did.

    Everyone’s different but it doesn’t surprise me that the issues you report are from a long term source rather than a sudden catastrophic incident (although you’ve obviously experienced those as a result).

    Put simply, we spend a lot of time doing a limited range of activities (sitting at a desk, sitting on a bike) so our bodies will tend to adapt to that. Tight muscles and disproportionately over and under-developed opposing muscle groups are inevitable without specific exercises to address that.

    Good to hear you’ve found something that works for you.

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