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Meeting the Mid Life Cyclist

Posted by DaveC | February 1, 2011 | 3 comments so far

The empty road - Mid Life Cyclist

Photo credit: Mid Life Cyclist on Flickr

I was perusing the On-One site the other day and I clicked on a comment left by another customer of theirs.

I was taken to the site of the Mid Life Cyclist and started to read about his road trip across the U S of A. There are some great photographs to go along with the story (make sure you go back a few pages in his blog to get the full details) and I liked the sentiment of the domain name as well.

Have a look for yourself and if you’ve got story yourself why not leave a comment or a link.


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He's had several different bikes but it's now mainly 29ers in Dave's stable, apart from an Orange 5.

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There are 3 comments on ‘Meeting the Mid Life Cyclist’

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  1. pIJ says:

    Those blog sites are brilliant aren’t they? Only takes 5 minutes to set one up yet they look utterly professional, and can be updated from anywhere.

    I’ve been to Eureka quite a few times – area is well worth a trip. Fly in to Seattle, but Ignore it as it is rubbish [bit like a holiday in Docklands], drive straight down to Portland [or go over to the Olympic range and head South], hook a right to Astoria or Seaside [but don’t miss Mt St Helens], then follow the 101 as far as time will allow. Fancy a change go inland to Bend and the high desert… and of course “Phil’s trail” which I had to ride on a hired mountain bike. Although the bike shop was a bit odd: “You riding there buddy? S’long way – couple a miles outta town.” Er, isn’t that the point?

    Sorry. Off piste again.

    By the way my new t-shirts are in!

  2. Matt says:

    I have to admit it’s a long-held ambition of mine to ride across the US and the route Stuart has taken here looks great at hunting out all those ‘small-town America’ gems.

    That picture of warm sunshine, an empty road and deeply forested hills is just the pick-me-up I need in these chilly winter days. I can almost smell the pines.

    The trouble is finding time with mortgages/kids/work in the way. Oh hang on, isn’t that what a Mid Life Crisis is for?!

    Makes me want to do a write up on secret riding ambitions myself and other Moles might have. On my list – as well as this – goes Moab for a start. Watch this space, I might write something up…

  3. pIJ says:

    The 101 is doable by bike ‘easy enough’ as the towns aren’t that stretched out, but inland the distances between towns can get slightly ridiculous, so not only would you have to have time on your hands, but also be pretty self reliant. I’ve hired a few bikes in the States and Canada, and after having actually driven the distances to get there in the first instance, once you pick a bike up and look back down the highway, one is left in awe of what these people do. “200 or 300 miles between towns? No problem; I’ll take an extra litre of water with me and an energy bar in case I get hungry.”

    And by “town” I mean places with just a gas station, truck stop and nothing more. You could easily be 800 miles away from the next bike shop. In Bend, Oregon, the guy in the bike shop I hired from suggested I try a “local trail” as it was good riding. The trail head was 60 miles away. That WAS local – still the same post code!

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