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New Years Resolutions – Remember Them ?

Posted by Colin | September 29, 2008 | Leave a comment

I came across my comment way back where I listed my 2008 MTB-related resolutions.

How am I doing and was there any point in setting them ?

1. Complete at least 1000 miles (leisure only, no commuting)

Completed yesterday – in fact, am now clocking up over 40 miles a week regularly so I’m hoping to trounce that one

2. Avoid buying a road bike unlike everyone else it seems (I’ve enough fettishes as it is without developing one for lycra)

Successful and not expected to fail – why buy a road bike when having this much fun ?

3. Clean the climb up to High Ashurst from Lodgebottom Road

Failed – in fact, I haven’t even attempted it yet. When I’m out, the route never seems to go that way ! Funny that ….

4. Learn to jump (small hillocks only)

Reasonably successful. Thanks to the confidence gained from the final descent on Skyline in Wales, I will gladly ride off small drops and try to get air off anything smallish resembling a launch ramp

5. Learn to wheelie

Failed – almost given up. Last attempt resulting in looping it and my rear Maxxis Minion giving me a very vigorous rectumnal (is there such a word?) exfoliation

6. Learn to hop

Nearly there – two wheel hops are good, proper hops (front followed by back) need work

7. Get out MTBing at least twice every week

Generally passed, particularly of late

8. Go to ride in Wales at least 3 times during the year

Failed – been once and was daft to think I would get there twice let alone thrice

9. Stop losing so much kit to the trail pixies

Passed so far thanks to a round trip of 5 miles to find my glasses a few weeks back

10. Stop getting wound up so much when I see full, steaming nappy sacks or carrier bags hanging from the trees

Failed – this will never cease to wind me up. After having to wash shite off my kids shoes on 3 occasions this weekend after family walks on Ranmore and Pitch, the whole issue of dog walker excrement is back to the fore. Note I say dog walker – can’t blame the dogs for doing what comes naturally, its some of the f…wits who own them I have the problem with

So not doing to badly, with a bit of time to make amends where needed. How are you doing with yours ?


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