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RaceFace Deus XC Chainset failure

Posted by Matt | June 24, 2008 | 5 comments so far

UPDATE: In the interests of fairness, I’ve taken this problem to Cycleworks in Leatherhead, who appear so far to have solved it. Still doesn’t show RaceFace bottom brackets in a good light though…

Find out more in my RaceFace Deus XC Chainset follow up.

Perhaps the title of this is a bit disingenuous since it’s more a bottom bracket issue but I’m calling it this because of the significant collateral damage. As I’ve documented recently, my Orange Five has become overdue for a heart/lung transplant in the shape of some drivetrain love. Disastrously as it turns out it appears the Orange is more of a love slut than I ever imagined.

After 1100 miles, things are basically worn out, most notably the fact that my RaceFace bottom bracket has been making some very alarming noises. So I decided to take the bull by the horns and invest in a new Hope bottom bracket, new chainrings, chain, jockey wheels and cassette.

After a bit of price shopping (I’m always sobered by the cost of components), I’ve finally accumulated all the bits I need. So, last night it was time for the Orange to go under the knife and turn all taut and firm again.

Things were going swimmingly with the cassette change and chainring swap. I’d put off changing the jockey wheels so they could be the last final blingle to go on the bike and decided to turn my attention to the knackered bottom bracket.

Things are much better than they used to be with chainsets, all I needed to do was get a bit of welly behind the self extracting crankbolt to remove the driveside arm and cranks. After which, I tapped the hollow axle through with a rubber mallet to remove the non driveside arm and axle. Except, in the process it became graphically clear why the bottom bracket had been making so many complaints.

Basically the non driveside bearing had disintegrated, as in failed utterly and completely and had managed to weld it’s remaining parts to the axle. As I removed the crank arm, dry, rusty ball bearings bounced all over my driveway followed shortly by the tinkle of lightweight bits of metal and swarf.

So now I’m staring at my RaceFace Deus XC crank arm with the inner shell of my RaceFace bottom bracket rusted solid onto it. And hoping (since it’s only a year old) that it’s a valid warranty claim!

I’ll keep you posted…


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  1. Colin says:

    How does a top brand like Raceface get away with producing BB’s that are such total shite?

    Good luck and hope its a speedy repair or you may have to get used to slumming it with us hardtail riders whilst the 5 is bed-ridden.

    Rob’s advice re frequent chain swaps seems to be the way to go. I’ve got away with doing it quite late (800 miles) along with jockey wheels, but it should see much greater life out of the cassette and rings and therefore less cash over the longer term.

  2. Mark says:

    I’m amazed that your bottom bracket has worn out so quickly. No wonder it sounded like a bunch of teaspoons being stirred in a metal dustbin when we were in Wales.

    It’s also a sobering thought that I give my BB no love at all, so I can only wonder what condition mine might be in.

  3. Muddymoles says:

    RaceFace Deus XC Chainset follow up

    Seized RaceFace bottom bracket? No problem says Cycleworks who just cut the BB shell off the hollow axle.

  4. Muddymoles says:

    KCNC Jockey wheels

    A new drivetrain means new jockey wheels and these KCNC babies look just the ticket.

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