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So is this fun?

Posted by Mark | March 23, 2007 | 2 comments so far

On the radio at the moment are a series of ads running for Thorpe Park. The theme of all the ads is that going to Thorpe Park is the very definition of fun, and everything else isn’t. In one of the ads is the question “is cycling fun”, to which the ad gives the answer “no, it’s just exercise.”

For those of you who don’t live in the South East, Thorpe Park is a theme park, where for an entry ticket priced at a mere arm and a leg, you can spend the whole day being spun upside down, back to front, and generally be made to feel violently sick, then charged an extra arm and a leg for a souvenir photo of the event.

However the question in the ad got me thinking, is cycling actually fun? I started to ponder this, as there have been many Sunday mornings when we are slogging up the side of a bloody great hill, while the cold wind blasts through the seams of our shorts and the rain beats down. As I have been plodding onward, while trying to avoid the violent gusts of Dave’s curry powered flatulence, I have asked my mates “Just remind me again, why are we doing this?” The standard answer is always “because it’s fun”

This Sunday I aim to be out on my bike, having missed last week doing Mother’s Day stuff with my family. It’s only Friday and I am already thinking about what I need to do ready for riding, put my pedals back on, lube my chain and cables, check with the other Muddymoles for times, places and numbers etc, which leads me to wonder if I would be getting this organised for a trip to the dentist or mowing the lawn.

So, I am looking forward to going out on my bike, having a chat with my mates, and ideally indulging in a cup of tea and a date slice at some point during the ride. Is that sufficient to make it fun? defines fun as ”something that provides mirth or amusement”, which, given the way I cycle, is definitely true. Roget’s thesaurus gives other alternatives to fun as “amusing, boisterous, convivial, diverting, enjoyable, entertaining, good, lively, merry, pleasant, witty”, which again hits the spot in many ways.

I’m sure that philosophers could debate this for a hundred years and maybe come up with a definitive answer, but I can’t wait that long, as I have to be ready by Sunday morning.

My own befuddled conclusion is

“Yes, cycling is fun.” (apart from Dave’s arse gas)

Additionally I can also conclude that

A) Advertising does work, as I can’t stop thinking about Thorpe Park.

B) Thorpe Park can go stuff itself

C) I am the only Muddymole not buying an Orange 5


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