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Society today

Posted by Lee | April 2, 2009 | 1 comment so far

It never ceases to amaze me that when faced with a situation where one human being could do with, or indeed does need the support of their fellow man (or woman), that people are quite happy to carry on by as if totally blind to the whole episode. My drive to work this morning provided no greater proof that society today is becoming a shadow of its former self.

Perhaps there was a greater personal sensitivity because it was a cyclist involved, but, nonetheless, we seem to be in danger of eradicating the ‘community’ spirit talked fondly of by our elders. Driving into work this morning, I was entering the outskirts of Crawley when I saw a chap commuting in on his road bike go down heavily turning into a junction. Just past the junction is a lay-by where I was able to stop and quickly walk back to the scene. The guy and his bike were still flat out in the road, but that hadn’t stopped cars driving round him! I appreciate that once a few people are on the scene, it’s easier on the conscience to drive by, but for pity’s sake, think about it for a moment. Would they be happy to be driven round if it had happened to them?

The chap managed to get to his feet unaided, and before worrying too much about his own well-being was already checking the bike over for damage. A typical pedal head. It looked brand spanking new too. A significant tear to the knee of his tights and a grubby elbow gave away the impact points of his fall, with a sheen of fuel on the road surface the obvious culprit. He looked in a fair bit of pain after the initial shock had worn off, but from his movements it was unlikely any breakages were sustained, with heavy bruising the most likely (says he, who’s not a doctor, but has been hit by a car himself and seen first hand a broken collarbone).

So whilst the guy it turned out wasn’t seriously injured, who’s to judge someone lying near motionless in the road is completely fine and in no need of assistance without actually stopping and getting out rather than finishing him off with a couple of Goodyear’s. Some people need a serious morality check.

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As Baz Luhrmann said in his Sunscreen song: look after your knees, you'll miss them when they're gone. Well, until they do finally give up the will to live and screech to a halt like a knackered bottom bracket, I'm just going to keep riding because that's what I love.

Whilst I'm more full time parent and part-time biker these days, I still make the best of the time family life affords me, even if the fitness yo-yos massively.

I ride a Cotic Soul, which is currently single-speeded, and also a 2010 Trek EX-8 for drier times.

We are a pretty lucky bunch to live in such close proximity to the Surrey Hills, which gives us an embarrassing amount of trail choice. Some of my all time local favourites have sadly now been 'decommissioned', but with the likes of BKB, Summer Lightening and China Pig, there's still plenty to smile about whichever way you turn.

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  1. Easynow says:


    As a motorbike rider and a cyclist, I have been heavily involved with the BMF KillSpills campaign.

    Thats me, 5th from the left in the yellow shirt, front row.

    Its something that is detrimantal to all two wheel modes of transport.

    The problem is that all spills on the road are caused as a result of people simply not giving a damn, so a large part of the campaign has been about trying to change peoples attitudes.

    We managed to get the Highway code changed, which apparantly is unprecidented, and now the BMF have become a major sponsor and backer, so the campaign has gone from being a a movement started by a bunch of guys on a motorcycle website to a major influential voice that sits on the Transport for London panel.

    And people say protest groups dont achieve anything 🙂

    Anyway, good on you for stopping. I ALWAYS stop, even if its just to ask if everyone is ok and leave again. Ive been first on the scene of a motorcycle crash twice now and I did a good job till the paramedics arrived.

    I just hope that in the unfortunate event of finding myself laying somewhere in pain, someone like you or me will be passing by 🙂

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