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Sunday morning Leith – in the snow

Posted by JPcapel | December 21, 2010 | 3 comments so far

Roll in on Leith Hill in the snow
Morning muddymoles – thought you’d appreciate a snow photo to kick off the day!

Between the Tower and Quarry, more grip than you’d think – Sunday morning.




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James rides a Turner 5-Spot (DW link) & Genesis Alpitude.

He's a wheelie addict and regular Chicksands visitor.

James rides Summer Lightning most weeks, it remains his favourite all time trail.

There are 3 comments on ‘Sunday morning Leith – in the snow’

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  1. Dandy says:

    Is that trail ‘Chocolate Jesus’? If it is, I’ve a similar photo of me doing it in the dry. Not sure I’d be quite so brave in the snow, though 😉 Looks v impressive, James.

  2. JPcapel says:

    Good question, other than the signposted SL or BKB, I am next to useless on knowing the names of trails I ride – I leave such trivia to the people I usually ride with. This roll in drop is a nice line back down towards the road for Starval car park, its lower down than the quarry from memory. It has this roll in line followed immediately by another (think 2 headed dog on pitch hill, only smaller).

    The snow was grippy in places, like roll in drops, poor in places like flat corners – was hard to judge and had us off often – am out in snow this evening as well riding Redlands trails!

  3. Dandy says:

    Yes, it sounds like Chocolate Jesus, though like you I’m quite vague about each location and name. You’re a brave man to head out tonight, with the thaw today it will be pretty wet, unlike Sunday’s dry powder.

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