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First pictures of the new Crud Fast Fender

Posted by Matt | May 18, 2009 | 4 comments so far

New Crud Fast Fender
At some point everybody has tried a Crud guard. I can say that with some confidence since Crud has become a name synonymous with mud deflection in the way Marins have for MTBs amongst the Mondeo-driving middle management brigade.

Obviously there was a range of generalisations going on there with that last sentence (and no little amount of alliteration) but I was trying not to cite Hoover as an example of the whole brand-names-turned-generic-descriptions thing. I hope I haven’t offended anyone?

Er, moving on by going back. Back to Crud, where we seem to have come in. I’ve just seen these pictures on BikeRadar of the new Crud Fast Fender which has been undergoing testing with no less than Steve Peat. The idea of it is to stop the spray which gets thrown forward of the wheel at speed from landing back on your face and eyes.

Many riders I know have tried the RRP Neoguard which not not looks fairly discrete but can also be printed with your own logo should you wish. By contrast, the Crud fender looks, umm a bit extrovert. Too extrovert, too grrr! for me, I can’t see myself using one as they seem to look rather odd hanging off the handlebars in free space. Admittedly they also hold a riders race number assuming they’re in a competitive event, it’s just I think they look bloody stupid!

Maybe I’ll be proved wrong but I don’t think this is something the majority will want to use, even if the principle is quite sound. To my mind Crud should be concentrating on a quick release for their rear mudguards, as Cycraguard use. I’ve been running that system all winter and have found it perfect for quickly adding and removing the mudguard or for switching to a different bike (that last point is a bit moot since I’ve only had one bike all winter but you know what I mean!).

Let’s see how it goes but for me the jury isn’t out, it’s put on it’s coat, collected it’s expenses and disappeared into the sunset.

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  1. Mister Crud says:

    Thanx for the review Matt.

    We have had a few visits on our website from Muddymoles so I looked you up.

    This product is aimed squarely at riders who race downhill/ ride the Alps etc. Released in a few weeks, interest has been high, due in part to Steve’s heavy involvment in the project.

    As to the QR feature on the Cycraguard, well, have you weighed this product? You are carrying around twice the weight of a Raceguard, just for a feature that you admit you have never used!

    Get in touch for a chat Matt. Like your site.


    Mr Crud

  2. Muddymoles says:

    Ride report: Wednesday 10 June – Chalk and clay

    The Moles find slippery conditions up on Ranmore and head toward the relative easy riding of Effingham and Bookham Commons.

  3. Muddymoles says:

    Crud Fast Fender review

    With love it or hate it looks the Crud Fast Fender divides opinion. But in use it proves to be a highly effective mudguard.

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